Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well it is that time of the year again, less than 24 hours to the Oscars. I have been busy leading up to this fabulous time of the year and whilst keeping an eye on the commentary that surrounds my favourite event of the year, I have not really had a chance to think about who I think will win. So, I have spent some time gathering some information this afternoon and have most of the categories locked in.

Leading Actor
This was easy - Colin Firth all the way - easily the best film of the year and easily the best performance. Watching the complete and utter fear in his eyes as "Bertie" was about to make his first 'speech' clinched it for me. An outstanding actor, with a back catalogue of varied and beloved performances, in an incredibly dramatic and personal film - if only all the other categories were this easy,
Supporting Actor
I have only seen snippets of The Fighter, but have read many, many reviews - the Oscar belongs to Christan Bale.
Leading Actress
Again, after seeing The Black Swan yesterday it confirmed for me what I had thought - Natalie Portman gets a golden boy. Her performance was stunning - physically and mentally she was the tortured ballerina - you could see it in every muscle, every protruding bone, every pained expression on her face - she embodied this role - this is what film is about.
Supporting Actress
By all I have read this should be a matching win to Melissa Leo - also The Fighter. However the supporting roles more often than not have an upset. Would I like to see Amy Adams or Jacki Weaver win - you betcha! Both are versatile actresses and deserving, and I will be proud as punch to be wrong in this category, but my money will remain with Leo.
Animated Feature
Seriously!?! No competition - Toy Story 3!!!
Art Direction
I am a bit stuck with this one and as I type undecided! I am stuck between Inception and The King's Speech. I will choose the later!
True Grit, Deakins is overdue and the sweeping 'western' landscape screams best cinematography.
Costume Design
Alice in Wonderland stands out for me here - in fact the costumes made the film!
This is the one I have truly no idea - you would think it would go with my Best Picture choice, but I have a feeling it will be split this year. This rarely happens, but can. You would think the direction would have to go with the film and I would normally agree. I happen to think the best directed film is Inception, but Christopher Nolan was not even nominated! My choice would actually be Darren Aronofsy for The Black Swan as it was very clever, but I do not think he will win. I have a sneaking suspicion David Fincher will win for The Social Network, I can see why (sort of), he made a fairly well known and paint the numbers story look edgy and interesting, although for Fincher this film could hardly be called edgy. Also working with one actor playing two parts is pretty clever and it looked seemless, however that is hardly a first. I want it to be Hooper or Aronofsky but for betting sake, I am going with Fincher....YIKES!!!!!!
Documentary Feature
It would appear Exit through the gift shop is the front winner, but I am going with Inside Job
Documentary Short
The shorts are always difficult, I read a couple of industry articles and selected Poster Girl.
Film Editing
This almost always goes with Best Picture, so The King's Speech.
Foreign Language Film
All my sources give all sorts of suggestions, no freaking idea. Will go with the film I know and Javier is nominated for Best Actor, so that would mean a lot of Academy voters have seen the film !?! So Biutiful it is!
Make Up
I am thinking Wolfman.
Original Score
I have no idea, going with Trent Rezner, be cool to see him accept, so The Social Network it is.
Original Song
Shit, I will go with Gwennie - bloody hell!!! Coming Home from Country Strong. Although Randy Newman is always a favourite.......
Animated Short Film
Day and Night
Live Action Short Film
Na Wewe
Sound editing/Sound Mixing
These almost always go hand in hand and I am going with Inception.
Visual Effects
Again, Inception, this movie was visually stunning, and were it not for The King's Speech, my vote for best Picture!.
Adapted Screenplay
Going with Arkin and The Social Network.
Original Screenplay
This almost always goes with Best Picture and whilst you cannot get more original than Inception (my original choice) I feel it will go to The King's Speech. And this is mainly because of the story I heard today, the writer had hung onto this story for many years as he promised the Queen Mum he would not tell it until after she passed - it was still haunting and upsetting to her after all those years. That alone, makes the film itself all the more poignant and deserving to win. In this day and age of beating people to things, the honour of keeping such a lovely story to himself and then presenting it correctly makes him all the more deserving AND it is a great story!
Best Picture
An absolute no brainer, The King's Speech, a great story, amazing acting from each and every actor. Fabulous casting - Derek Jacobi (famous for playing the stutterer Claudius) pushing Bertie out to a field he was uncomfortable in, knowing he was a stutterer - great film irony... AND Jennifer Ehle, as Rush's wife, being shy and embarrassed to meet Bertie - Ehle, of course, played Elizabeth Bennett to Firth's Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice all those years ago. Perfect attention to period detail, humanity and humour, the kind of film that will stand the test of time and is an instant classic and by god, my favourite film of the year!!!!

So, I will wait until lunch tomorrow and see if I am right - I look forward to seeing how well Anne Hathaway and James Franco roll. I also hope in their rush to attract young audiences the Academy do not forget their history and give the true viewers like myself something old and marvellous to look at, I wait with baited breathe as usual!