Sunday, January 31, 2016


This was my second time seeing the wonderful David Sedaris and I think it was better than the first. 

How lovely it was to drive into my beloved Civic Theatre and see one of my favourite writers my hometown!

Sedaris, for the uninitiated, is an American satirist who writes essay length pieces about his family, life and growing up in middle America. The stories are laugh out loud funny but often melancholy and sadness are found underneath the satire. I have been reading his books and articles and listening to him for years now, and his family is so familiar to me I feel like I know them...intimately.

 When Sedaris tours he usually reads new pieces that he wants to publish in a book and thus reads them for reaction. It is quite remarkable. He stands there and reads these lovely pieces, some being already published online or in The New Yorker or similar. He makes little notes as he reads them, subtle changes perhaps, or noting what got laughs and what did not.

 He told us his next book will be diary entries, he is a stringent diary writer. So much so, his family get nervous when he pulls his diary or notebook out to jot down something he has observed. He usually used his diary for ideas to build into an essay. This time he is working out what works and stands alone and will make up some kind of dialogue for a book. He was embarking on this 2 years ago when we saw him at the Sydney Opera House and I initially thought it was an easy way to make money! But two years later he is still working on it, so he really is all about getting it right. 

He read a couple of pieces that had been published, one about picking up litter on the highway near to where he lives in the UK. I had read this before, but listening to it in his sweet, nasally voice adds to its charm and amusement. He also added little titbits at the end regarding things within, which I love. He often gives insight into his craft, which is one of my favourite thing about any artist. How did they get there and create their art!? The other pieces were set at his family holiday home, and include his family and partner Hugh, all familiar to the fans. They were great.

 Finally he moved to random diary entries and they were what had us all in stitches. His view of the world is so incredibly unique and wonderful, but amusing and witty, it is superb.

He was on stage for about 90 minutes and genuinely seemed to love being there. 

After L and I lined up to get books signed, ones we didn’t own. He asked L if she was Greek and me what I did for a living. The exact same questions he asked us last time! Bizarre, he seemed taken aback like he remembered that. Especially when A, who is Greek, popped her head in to say she was and hello. He got sidetracked and made a bit of a mess of what he was writing in my book, but I loved that, made it all the more unusual. He apologised in that lovely voice and how could you refuse. We smiled and walked away.

 Next time, we must think of something highly bizarre to talk to him about...that’s what he loves, and why he talks at length to each fan, it gives him material...maybe we might make the next book!!!

OSCAR WATCH 2016 - Six Films

The Revenant
No one wanted to see The Revenant with me, but I love to see as many Oscar films as I can and I love Leo, so it was a no brainer for me.
This was a gritty, compelling film, it was long (although it didn’t feel long) and it was brutal...but it was worth it.
There is much hype to the bear attack scene, that happens early on in the piece and fuels the vendetta of the film. It was unrelenting and horrific, every time you thought it was done, it continued. It obviously wasn’t real, but it sure felt it.
But prior to this scene there was a far more horrific scene/s that went on much longer.
The story is set in the 1820s and based on the real life frontier stories of Hugh Glass (Leonardo Di Caprio). The film commences with Glass and pals collecting fur traps but their camp is ambushed by Native Americans. The tension is high, the killing horrendous – on both sides – this felt far more horrific to me than any bear scene. It was presented as it was, you felt sorry for both sides, but also on both sides there was nasty characters and empathetic ones. It was a dire situation, much like any country inhabited by indigenous people. You feel this underlying tension throughout the entire film.
The film looks magnificent, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, shot in sequence in natural light with minimal CGI. The snow and sweeping mountains and rivers are majestic and made me shiver. It all felt very real.
Ryuichi Sakamoto composed the film’s musical score and it was note perfect.
The acting, of course was superb. I am almost (I say almost as it is still early days in terms of predictions) certain Leo will win Best Actor. Not just because he is long overdue (he is very long overdue, he should have won for Gilbert Grape and for The Aviator and nominated for many, many other performances) but because this is an astonishing performance. Tom Hardy, who is always great, is superb as nasty Leo’s nemesis.

I guess The Revenant is not for everyone, but it is a very worthy film.
The Revenant is up for 12 Oscars: Best Film, Leo for Best Actor, Hardy for Best Supporting Actor, Inarritu for Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Production, Costume, Makeup/hair, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects.
Early thoughts*: Leo for sure, and effects. Possibly Hardy.
*all early thoughts are subject to change between now and actual Oscar post!
The Big Short
This is a very unusual but highly entertaining film. Entertaining in the way the film was presented despite its dry subject matter. It’s basically about the people who predicted the fall of the US housing market which led to the financial crisis of 2005. It’s more complicated than that of course, but the film presents it in a amusing way that does make it much easier to understand.
Whilst I had a fair idea of what went on during that time, I was utterly shocked at the layers of all the subterfuge and bullshit that went on. Shameful.
The Big Short has a superb cast with Christan Bale and Ryan Gosling shining and hilariously funny, and Steve Carell being his usual superb self – the man has range. Marisa Tomei (always lovely on screen) and Brad Pitt round out the main cast.

This film is incredibly clever and really worth seeing.
The Big Short is up for 5 Oscars: Best Film, Christan Bale for Best Supporting Actor, Adam McKay for Best Direction, Best Screenplay (previously published), and Best Editing.
Early thoughts: Honestly, no idea, possibly Screenplay, cause they made dry material interesting and funny.
What a perfect title for this film, taken from Jennifer Lawrence’s lead character. Lawrence, as always, shines as Joy. A young girl with promise who has grown into a young woman pushed down by a troublesome family. A mother of two young children, she has her ex husband, parents (divorced with much hatred towards each other) and grandmother living with her in her falling down house. She dreamt of being something, and when things become more awful she decides to put her brain into action and try and make some money.
I’m not going to say any more. That was all I knew about this film going in, and the rest totally and utterly surprised me. This is based on a real life story, and quite a remarkable one at that. It’s about life, taking a chance, and trying to see your dreams fulfilled.
Joy, at times is not joyous, but in fact a little melancholy, but Joy the character shines so brightly despite so many set backs you don’t ever feel bad. This is an uplifting film in a non-manipulative way.

Jennifer Lawrence is superb, the supporting cast of Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Isabella Rossellini, Virginia Madsen, and Diane Ladd are superb.
Go and get some Joy in your life.
Joy is up for 1 Oscar: Lawrence for Best Actress.
Early thoughts: Not so soon. She will have other chances if she continues on this trajectory.
The Danish Girl
The Danish Girl is based on the heartbreaking true story of Einer Wegener, a Danish painter in 1926. His wife, Gerde, is also a painter, although not as successful as Einer. When she asks Einer to stand in for the ballerina she is painting, she sets in motion something that had obviously been laying amongst the surface for a long time.
And Einer becomes Lili, and after some time, Einer realises that he relates better as a woman. Gerde initially is distraught, but then supports her husband lovingly. This is an unusual story for the time, but upsetting to watch. Especially when Einer decides to undergo gender reassignment surgery, this first person to do so.

Beautifully filmed, The Danish Girl, looks very much like a series of paintings. It is slow paced in parts but worth watching. I’ve done some reading and the film sounds like it may have taken some license with the material, which is a shame.

Eddie Redmayne is beguiling, he will woo you and break you heart simultaneously. Alicia Vikander is outstanding as the lovely Gerde. Ben Whishaw, Matthias Schoenaerts round out the cast. I really loved this film.

The Danish Girl is up for 4 Oscars: Best Actor for Redmayne, Best Supporting Actress for Vikander, Costume Design, and Production design.
Early thoughts: I have a feeling this won’t rate too well.
Based on the Patricia Highsmith novel, Carol is a stunning film. Set in the 1950s and shot with melancholy and compassion by Todd Haynes. Carol (Cate Blanchett) meets Therese (Rooney Mara) at the department store where she works. Despite an age difference, both are immediately smitten and embark on a close friendship that turns into a love affair.
Both Blanchett and Mara are sublime yet subtly understated in their performances. Blanchett looks divine and almost channels Judy Davis in parts with a haughtiness and austerity that is fitting of the era. Rooney simply shines and pretty much steals every scene. Their chemistry is undeniable and it’s lovely to see such an intense love story played out as it was.
Kyle Chandler and Sarah Paulson are solid supporting actors. The set design and beautiful costumes portrays the era perfectly and the cinematography is superb, you get a feel of the passiveness and confinement of the time. The score is also beautiful. 
Carol is up for 6 Oscars: Best Actress for Blanchett, Best Supporting Actress for Mara, Best Screenplay (previously released material), Cinematography, Costume Design, Original Score.
Early thoughts: All very deserving, possibly Mara getting a shot there!
The Hateful Eight
I love Quentin Tarantino, I love his passion for film. I love all his films and think that Pulp Fiction is his masterpiece but that Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained both came very close to absolute perfection (ie better than Pulp FIction) were it not for OTT scenes towards the end undoing the very perfections he’d worked so hard to create. In other words, I love him, but boy he makes it difficult to!
And I wanted to love The Hateful Eight, I really did. But I just could not, I didn’t hate it, lol, but I sure didn’t love it.

It starts so beautifully too, very John Ford like with long tracking shots out in snowy mountains. I saw the film at the Titan at Readings and it looked magnificent, especially with the sublime Ennio Morricone soundtrack accompanying it. It had an epic feel to it – much as Basterds and Django did initially too.
That first 20 minutes or so I loved. I loved Jennifer Jason Leigh’s performance and Samuel L Jackson. I loved some of the dialogue and the general story within the cabin section. But (I hate buts) it was way too long and way way too violent. I actually don’t mind a long movie, but there has to be a point if you go over 2 hours, there was none here. And violence has never bothered me, I love westerns and adore gangster films, and of course all other QT films are pretty violent, but this was just really full on and I think purely for his own amusement. It was not necessary.
And there’s the thing, Quentin DOES make films for his own entertainment. He loves exploitation films and keeps working those into his sweeping tales. I am unsure they work together. Make a big sweeping epic masterpiece or a low budget exploitation film, don’t meld them together.

I am not saying this film is bad or not to go and see it. I really loved parts of it, but not so much other parts. I am still confounded by it all.
The Hateful Eight is up for 3 Oscars: Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cinematography, Score.
Early thoughts: All very deserving and possible real shots at getting one, but the mixed reactions to the films may let them down.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016...what will you bring???

I haven’t done New Year’s Resolutions for a long time. I used to do complex Projects, but as I get older I realise a few simple goals are all you need. Nothing to stress you, but things to push you a little out of your comfort zone and enough to think about so you feel some sort of achievement.

Whenever I think of New Year’s Resolution, I think of this Ab Fab moment:

I've been reading M Train by the beautiful Patti Smith and here is a quote:

"The transformation of the heart is a wondrous thing, no matter how you land there."

So this brings me to my first goal for 2016 - to be freer with my love and let my poor wounded heart be transformed. It may appear to some I am a heart on my sleeve, oversharing kind of girl (and I am) but I do keep my most personal stuff very close to my heart and self. I will probably continue to do so in terms of sharing (no one needs to know everything!) but I will prise the steely walls around my heart open a little more, to let love whatever shape or form it comes in. This of course brings more opportunity for it to be wounded - and it probably will - but it also allows for more beauty, and this is what I need for it's transformation. In my experience some amounts of beauty and love can often make up for large amounts of pain and suffering. So thank you Patti for your words and also to my lovely friend Jayne, who has been pruiking the phrase, I Love You, No Big Deal...although as I tell her, it is a big deal!

My second goal goes hand in hand with the first - continue on my online journey looking for love. This whole online thing was an unexpected development late in 2015 and to be honest I don't expect to find true love there, but it helps me understand myself more, hones in on what I am looking for, and gives me the opportunity to mingle and feel more comfortable with those I do not know. For an introvert this is a big deal and will assist me not to screw up if I actually do meet The One! My first piece of work towards this is to tidy up my online profiles, thanks to suggestions and realities given to me by three very special friends. You know who you are!

My third goal is  - to travel more - smaller trips, discover outside my little world, have adventures, catch a train somewhere new or to Sydney to escape in the big city, drive to the country, stay somewhere overnight, or have weekends away, or just a day out. I'm looking for willing participants, so don't be afraid to put your hand up!

My fourth goal is - to see more live music - when I couldn't flesh out a top ten for 2015 I realised how shameful my viewing of live music was, this needs major adjusting in 2016. Again, I am after willing participants.

My fifth and final goal is - to keep hold of my clarity and mojo - I lost it a few times in 2014/2015, I did find it but it phased in and out until later in 2015. This was terribly disconcerting for me, depression and anxiety took hold in quite a severe way. I managed to shake it and feel pretty darn good most of the time at present, which is all any of us can ask. But I need to up my tools for doing this better. There are a whole range of things I already do but probably need to add to to feel better and keep tabs on myself: exercise more, spend time near the water, read more, meditate morning and night, write more, share my feelings with people who understand and make me feel loved, don't be so hard on myself, tell others when I am feeling low, and simply challenge myself to grow into a better person.

On top of these 5 goals, I will continue with Project 42, Project Read, and Project declutter as they are all now part of my life, and important tools for help me achieve these five goals.

I look forward to 2016, it's challenges, and adventures. Time with friends and family, love, fun, escapades, and farnarkling. I already have booking to see David Sedaris; Hoodoo Gurus, Violent Femmes, Died Pretty, Sunnyboys, & Rat Cat; and Madonna coming up in the first quarter of the year. 

I have a very good feeling about this year my friends and I wish you all love, peace, happiness, and health.

Top Ten of 2015

1. Fleetwood Mac, Sydney – simply one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, and this was made all the more better as I really didn’t think it would be that good!
2. Neil Gaiman at Angel Place – finally me and my main man in the same building. He was everything I imagined and more, I was in heaven.
3. David Bowie Is, ACMI – I had the tickets for a year, the reason I went to Melbourne when I did. I was entranced and raptured...I cried and sang and danced!
4. The Lion King, Melbourne – I may be the last person on earth to see this extravaganza, there is nothing like those first fifteen minutes ever...electric and spine tingling.
5. Maria Abramovic is present, Sydney – I still cannnot articulate my experience at this exhibition, it was frightening, warm, divine, and utterly unique.
6. Go Elsewhere Festival with my gals at Nobbys Lighthouse – on a balmy evening, looking over Newcastle, with the lighthouse looking over us, music and my friends.
7. Chuck Close at MCA – I was blown away by Chuck’s art, more than I was prepared for, I still think about it. He is magnificent.
8. Newcastle Writers Festival, esp Helen Garner – Writer’s festivals are my thing, the one in my hometown is the best, the star this year was my hero, Helen Garner.
9. Steve Smyth at The Cambridge – Love this guy and so pleased I show him to my friends, we saw him three times this year, but this performance was by far the best.
10. Frank Gehry addition to the UTS Sydney – I adore Frank and his quirky buildings, to see one up close and personal so close to home was perfection as is “the paperbag”
Top 15* Books of 2015

1. Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink by Elvis Costello - Lyrical prose, heartfelt stories, history and music, escapades with Dylan, Van, and Cash. Sheer Perfection.
2. M Train by Patti Smith – mystical, serene, meditative, intriguing, fascinating, funny, melancholy, surprising. Everything you want in a book plus it’s Patti!!!
3. Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth  by Chris Hadfield – highly intelligent and scientific, yet written for everyman. For the space geek in all of us.
4. Reckoning by Magda Szubanski – eloquent prose, enlightened storytelling, utterly unique turn of phrase, bittersweet melancholy, dry humour, and shocking tales.
5. Flesh Wounds by Richard Glover – heartbreaking family memoir told with good grace and humour. If you ever thought your family this!!!
6. Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon – beautifully written, rock and roll, a story of failed love, a story of strength and conviction, feminism at it’s best.
7. Songwriters on Songwriting by Paul Zollo – stunning stories and interviews with all the best songwriters in the world and why they do what they do.
8. The Art of the Novel by Milan Kundera – 20 years old, but spot on. Musings on the state of the novel, writing, and reading. Philosophical and deep, timeless writing.
9. Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay – stunning book of essays on feminism, life, love, and everything in between. Funny, warm, sad, and heroic.
10. The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer – part self help, part memoir, part love story. At times frustrating, but mostly rewarding.
11. Acute Misfortune: the Life and Death of Adam Cullen by Erik Jenson – devastating, anger inducing, yet utterly compelling page-turning. There is more to this story than meets the eye.
12. When the Night Comes by Favel Parrett – the first of 2 fiction titles on my list. Set in Tasmania and Antarctica, this dreamy, poetic book will hypnotise and lure you in.
13. Confessions of a Comma Queen by Mary Norris Proof reader and copy editor for The New Yorker, Mary writes small essay like stories about her life in this fascinating job.
14. Foreign Soil – Maxine Beneba Clarke – Australian short stories about women of colour throughout the world and their issues. It’s heartbreaking, awful, uplifting, and hopeful.
15. Men who Stare at Goats by Jon Ronson – Totally bizarre, utterly compelling, sucks you in. About paranormal activities in the military. Jaw droppingly good!
Honorary Mention: Gerald Durrell, I think I consumed every book of his on talking book, and they were delightful.
Special mention: Here’s the thing by Alec Baldwin, not a book but a superb fortnightly podcast, my favourite!
* Yeah, there are fifteen, I read a LOT of great books this year, these were only some of them.
Top Ten TV Shows of 2015

1. Fargo S2 - a slow build to sheer perfection, on the edge of your seat thrilling, funny, and a stunning cast.
2. Please like me S3 – this Australian show continues to unravel layer upon layer of delightfully flawed characters, with such heart and warmth and a quirky sensibility.
3. Glitch – Another Australian thriller/fantasy that was in a league of it’s own, with stunning and uniquely Australian storytelling and a great cast.
4. Mad Men – final Season – I loved this show, it’s been my favourite show for many years, and whilst the ending was great, it just didn’t cut it enough to keep it’s No. 2 spot!
5. Orphan Black S1-3 – my new favourite sci-fi show about clones, dramatic, funny, a wild ride with the best female lead since Buffy, Tatiana Maslany.
6. Masters of Sex S1/2 – I finally got around to watching this and I love it so much. Great storylines, stunning attention to detail design, wonderful acting.
7. The Fall S1/2 – oh my. Gillian Anderson is brilliant, on form and stunning in this serial killer thriller. You are hooked from the get go, this is great storytelling
8. Better Call Saul S1 – Loved this newbie, great cast, dramatic and very funny, and a lot of heart. It’s not Breaking Bad, but it’s still very worthy!
9. Brooklyn 99 S1/2 – love this fun comedy, with a great ensemble cast and loads of laughs.
10. The Blacklist S1 – Intriguing plot with the uber-sexy James Spader as the lead...say no more!
Special mention: Olive Kitteridge, essentially a mini-series, this was a perfect adaption of one of my favourite books, with an outstanding cast of Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, and Bill Murray.
Honourable mentions: Veep, Parks and Recreations, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black.
Top Ten DVDs of 2015

1. Rust and Bone – stunning performance by Marion Cotillard as a woman finding her place in the world after a horrific accident
2. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec – a wonderful French Steam Punk fantasy set in Paris in the 20s. Dinosaurs, exploration, Mummies, high fashion, and love.
3. Predestination – time travel with a twist, it’ll keep you guessing until the very end. Ethan Hawke is marvellous but it was the extraordinary performance by Sarah Snook that had me gobsmacked.
4. What we do in the shadows – hilarious NZ vampire film. Cultish and dry. I laughed so much in this.
5. Eye of the storm – classic Australian drama with Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, and Charlotte Rampling. Fred Schepsi directing from Patrick White’s novel with stunning cinematography.
6. Locke – this one person thriller seemed wrong on paper, but sitting in the car with Tom Hardy during one night, filmed in real time, had me on the edge of my seat.
7. Nymophomaniac Pts 1/2 – this superb two-parter starring Charlotte Gainsburg was very confronting, but stunning. A Lars Von Trier film, with an exceptional cast but it’s all about Charlotte!
8. Tracks – great Australian adventure about Robyn Davidson who tracked across WA deserts with her camel and dogs.
9. Babadook- I don’t like horror, but this was beautifully done, although it scared the bejesus out of me!
10. Spy – funny, feisty females not being made ridiculous. Never laughed so much!e
Special mention: Hail, Hail Rock and Roll, a fabulous doco/concert from the late 1980s remastered and featuring greats such as Keith Richards, and Eric Clapton playing tribute to the Chuck Berry.
Honourable mentions: Snowpiercer, The immigrant, Lucy, Two days and one night.   
Top Ten Movies of 2015

1. The Dressmaker and Star Wars – both very different but exceptional, faultless movies with great stories, cinematography, and acting!
2. Love and Mercy – stunning biopic on the life of Brian Wilson with stunning performances from John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Giamatti. And that superb music.
3. Finding Vivien Maier – astonishing documentary about the life of an unknown photography and the layers behind the facade. Part thriller, part memoir, part history, part art. Absolutely brilliant.
4. Whiplash – great performances, and tight music, fast paced and edge of your seat drama.
5. Amy – documentary about Amy Winehouse, beautiful, genius, and heartbreaking – both describes the artist and the film.
6. Far From the Madding Crowd – period drama based on the classic novel by Thomas Hardy, beautifully filmed and wonderfully acted. Lush and sensuous.
7. When we were young – Great modern drama/comedy, with an all star cast and edgy ideas.
8. A second chance – high drama with this twist of fate Danish film, looking at what a man will do to save his family. Highly disturbing but stunningly filmed.
9. Wild – based on the book, this is a tour de force from Reese Witherspoon, about a woman determined to change her life around.
10. Samba – great French film about refugees starring the superb Omar Sy and Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Top 10 Albums of 2015

1. Stay Gold by First Aid Kit – the third album by the Swedish sisters was sublime and heavenly.
2. Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance by Belle and Sebastian – another melancholy/dancey album from my Scottish faves
3. Vulnicura by Bjork – an absolute masterpiece with her status as musical genius sealed, dancey and beautiful and full of so much heart you almost feel yours breaking.
4. 25 by Adele – stunning and powerful, loud and proud, I don’t usually do top ten fodder, but Adele is in a league of her own, this album is a testament to that.
5. Album deux by Baby et Lulu – sublime and sexy, french duets by two Australian talents, I could listen to them all day.
6. Songs in the dark by Wainwright Sisters – Martha and Lucy together for the first time, their harmonies are sweet and soulful, the talent endless.
7. Transmutant by Katie Noonan – that operatic voice on an edgy album of pop, soul, and ballads. Beautiful.
8. No Cities to love by Sleater-Kinney – grunge rock at it’s best, their first album in 10 years and they haven’t lost their edge. Kick A!!!!
9. Beautiful You by The Waifs – always lovely and laid back to listen to, comforting blues and interesting lyrics.
10. 24 Karat Gold by Stevie Nicks – an album of reworked songs that were never used on albums, close listening will help you work out what era they were originally written in, fabulous!
Special Mention:  If I can dream by Elvis Presley and the Philharmonic Orchestra – classic live performances with the Philharmonic added in, a gimmick for sure but a bloody good one, the sounds are terrific!
Honourable Mentions: Shadows in the night by Bob Dylan, Talk by Daniel Johns, The Endless River by Pink Floyd.
Top 8* gigs of 2015

1. Fleetwood Mac – absolute (and unexpected) perfection
2. Steve Smyth at The Cambridge – the man simply sizzles on stage, a mix of Jeff Buckley and Tom Waits, his energy is mystical and sensual.
3. Go Elsewhere Festival - a balmy evening, looking over Newcastle, with the lighthouse looking over us, music and my friends.
4. Daniel Johns – New funky style possibly borrowing from Prince, electric performance. An adult Johns has arrived.
5. Glenn Shorack at the Apra concert – he might be old, and his songs (to some) a little daggy, but he was the consummate performer and sounded brilliant.
6. Mental as Anything – not the proper band, and for every good song, there were two ordinary ones, but the good ones were worth price of admission!
7. Doubleclicks – indie duo from Portland (natch!) singing about geeky things such a Science, Dinosaurs, Wonder Woman, and being an introvert. Perfection and funny.
8. Fish Fry/ Pow Wow – Jazz/Swing and Jazz/Funk – joyous music with fabulous brass, how can you not dance!?!

* this is shameful, I need to see more live music next year