Saturday, September 12, 2015


Tucked on the 3rd floor on the corner of a carpark entrance and Bourke Street this rooftop bar became my favourite place within seconds.

With a spring garden party atmosphere the layout was old style white garden furniture with mostly pink, lilac, and mint green decor. Parasols lay on the tables in the direct sunlight, and waiters were gorgeous and gay.

The menu was superb and difficult to choose from. Small nibbly treats, savory and sweet, and amazing cocktails. I went with the Winter Punch, a heady mix of rum, wine, orange, soda, and mint in a jug...and a raspberry cupcake. It was about 2pm.

The cocktail and cupcake were sublime, the atmosphere divine. Uber cool with a mix of people, some uber uber cool, some not so much. I definitely fell into the later category but it didn't seem to matter.

The afternoon was a glorious first day of Spring and I sat in partial shade, people watched, daydreamed at the beautiful sky, and wrote on my phone. 

There was a hilariously glorious group of well dressed people in the other corner, affecting Southern accents which added to their camp manner. They just made me smile. All talk of Bette Davis, Faye Dunaway, and Lauren Bacall...I almost joined them.

This has been on my check out list for ages and my friend J said it was a must. It was!!

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