Sunday, February 21, 2021


 What a wonderful start to the year!

I celebrated NYE for the first time in decades with a boyfriend!

This sounds sadder than it actually such.

I spent most of my 20s in a defacto relationship that went terribly sour, he really did not treat me well. This is another story for another day, but it left me so very damaged that I spent the better part of a decade single, happily so...sort of. I just didn't want another experience like that and needed time to heal. I call them my lost years. So I have been dating since my mid 30s and I am now 50, so that is a long time and so very tiring! I have met many lovely men, with many types of relationships, but really none that stuck. I seemed to attract a lot of idiots, boys, and users. I did the online thing, and for every great guy, there was 9 total dicks. So I have searched high and low for my Mr Right for me and I believe I have finally found him, just when I had pretty much given up too! He is lovely and sweet, intelligent and funny, and feels like he has been my boyfriend forever, and I mean that in the best possible way. He is easy going and easy to be with, not hard work and he treats be beautifully.

I am in heaven, and I will stop, because there is nothing worse than someone raving on about such things.

Also after 3 years in the vortex and feeling stressed and anxious with health and work issues it is nice to start a new year feeling relaxed and unhindered. I know we still have the COVID reality to deal with, but that is a walk in  the park compared to other stuff I have been through!

So January was great.

Work is going well, in my  new position at Belmont Library, I am loving the work, the team, and the community. We work hard, have fun, and have much we want to achieve this year. YAY!!!

It was a mostly quiet month, just chilling really.

Here are the things I watched, read, listened to.

We had a fabulous day in the city mid month. Brunch at The Autumn Rooms, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Then a wander and shop on Darby, followed by the Backstage Pass exhibition at The Art Gallery.

Next we hit Newcastle Baths, where I sat and read and people watched and A took pics and videos.

A late late lunch or early dinner at Scotties was a must, you can never go wrong eating there.

The day was capped off by a wander at the top of King Edward Park and Shepherd's Hill.

More brunch at the end of the month at Table 1 Espresso, Warners Bay and a walk near the lake, then Fish Fry and Pow Wow with friends at The Gallipoli Club.

I did my usual markets of course.

And some photography...

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