Sunday, September 12, 2021


 I spent most of July on holidays. It was a well needed break after a busy time at work and studying and everything but due to lockdown it was not quite the break I had planned. I was not in lockdown but Andrew, living in Sydney, was and out break to Port Macquarie had to be cancelled. It was pretty upsetting, but that is life in the time of COVID. I haven't really had a proper holiday away since I was sick 3 years ago and it was to be our first holiday away together, but we will get there, at some point!

So my holidays started with a lovely lunch at Morpeth with my dear friend Jen. We had to wear masks when we were not eating, but it didn't matter. It was so nice to catch up. I went for a little drive after and took a few pics around the glory that is Morpeth.

I mostly stayed at home and studied and read and watched tele while I was off. I also did a springclean of Club Cathy, bar the study (that is like a months worth of work). These things didn't ease the pain of no actual holiday but they kept me going and I did need a break. I do like a staycation, but with the threat of covid near the area I didn't like to go out too much.

I did catch up with Alice for morning tea at the Common Circus at Hamilton. 

Have lunch with Mum and Dad at The Burwood, I had never been there and had an amazing steak sandwich.

Headed to the movies for French Friday with the gals, we saw a film called Delicieaux about the first French cafe/restaurant. It was funny and dramatic but full of amazing food. Good thing we had eaten at the French Market prior to the movie!

I had a huge day out solo, where I parked at the beach end of Darby and walked up to the cafe end, doing some shopping and photography. I then headed over the Honeysuckle to the Museum to see the Castanet Club exhibition which was every bit as colourful and zany as you can imagine. What joy. I wandered the regular exhibition before heading back across the park to the Art Gallery and War War - the Art of Torres Strait. What an amazing exhibition. I had afternoon tea at Coco Mondo after a little shop at Cooks Hill Books. I love days like that, made it back to the car just as it started to spit rain.

I managed to score a copy of The Dee Gees (Foo Fighters doing The Bee Gees) album and invited the girls over for a Disco Night and catch up. We listened to a range of my disco vinyl, and snacked. I had found out about a new French Bakery, the same people who cater French Fridays, so had managed to get a selection of sweets for us also. Yummo!

I ended the month with a lovely walk at Green Point, been ages since I was there. I sat on the hill and soaked up the sun and views before walking back. So lovely.

There was the usual markets.


And photography

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