Friday, March 25, 2011


Rabbit was our first Inspirations event for 2011, on Saturday 12 March at The Playhouse. I loved Rabbit, it featured a group of 5 twenty somethings at a club celebrating one of their birthdays. The lead female, whose birthday it was, had her quiet doctor girlfriend, and her loud brassy girlfriend, and 2 ex-boyfriends, and their conversation over many wines dealt with the battle of the sexes, careers, love, life and death. In a set of fantastic asides, the lead female also talks with her father who is ill in hospital.

It was very funny, very modern, and very confronting in its subject matter. I thought the male actors, particularly Barry Shepherd as the Dad, were excellent and the lead female also great. Another great production from Stooged Theatre, it had us talking about all sorts of things afterwards, always a mark of a wonderful story.

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