Sunday, October 20, 2013

1990: the year in music

A friend is working on his favourite songs of each year. He emailed me 1990 last week, it took me back. I always spend a bit of time looking around for my favourites to add to his list.

I felt compelled to write about them today, cause 1990 took me back!!!

I am sure there are many more I have forgotten, but jeez, it was a long time ago...I was 19!!!!

They are in no particular order.

Hold On - Wilson Phillips
I loved this song when it first came out, but it was played SOOOOO much. They had great voices, beautiful harmonies. But really, given their pedigree, did we expect anything else? It took some time for me to love this song again - this is why I never listen to commercial radio anymore, they screw with songs you love - but I do...unashamedly.

Tomorrow Wendy - Andy Prieboy
I had forgotten this song even existed until I saw it on a list, and it entered my head like it had never left...I love how music does that to you. It also features the chick from Concrete Blonde. It's a great song!

The Ship Song - Nick Cave
One of my all-time favourite songs, I could listen to this forever, it's perfection.

Been caught stealing - Jane's Addiction
This song kicks arse and holds up really well. Love it's stop/start rhythm. And the video is a hoot!

RATCAT - I believe they were a thing...someone told me ;) I had tickets to see them, but never actually got there. The night started early with Karaoke at the Blackbutt, it took a looong time to show my face back there. It may have involved a Troggs song! And I don't do creamy cocktails anymore!

Birdhouse in your soul - They might be giants
I do love TMBG, this is my favourite song of theirs, it's beautiful and joyous. I love their joy.

Vogue - Madonna
Back when she was cool!

"Greta Garbo and Monroe, Dietrich and Di Maggio, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, on the cover of a magazine..." I love a good spoken word section in a song, it's my thing!

Strike a pose!

Down in splendour - Straightjacket Fits
Love this, it's melancholy and sublime.

I'll be your baby tonight - Robert Palmer and UB40
Using their mix of reggae and class, they breathed new life into Bob! I do miss the suave Robert Palmer, was always in love with him!

Falling - Julee Cruise
Who could forget the summer of Twin Peaks, and the hypnotising soundtrack by Julee Cruise.

Nothing compares to you - Sinead O'Connor
Written by Prince and an instant classic, not just because of that momentous and heartbreaking filmclip. Oh Sinead, how I worshipped you. Meanwhile Prince released his Graffitti Bridge soundtrack with Thieves in the temple being my stand out.

Suicide Blonde - INXS and Better the devil you know - Kylie
They go hand in hand really!!!

Groove is in the heart - Dee-Lite
This is my favourite dance song of all time, I am chair dancing as I type!

I loved this song so much I had 'cards' printed at Darling Harbour with my name and Groove Instructor on them. At 19 you can get away with shit like that! I still occasionally use the phrase, eyebrows are usually raised...I don't care!

'We're going to dance and have some fun'

Oh yes we are, Groove IS in the heart!

Bust a move - Young MC
Ok, this comes a close second!

Love shack/Roam - The B-52s
I do prefer the earlier stuff, but these were great and brought my faves to the attention of a whole new generation.

Candy - Iggy and Kate Pierson
Kate (B-52s) was very busy in 1990. Iggy never hotter!

Fight the power - Public Enemy
An earlier version was used the year before on the soundtrack of Do the Right Thing) giving the song and the film instant classic status.

Oh yeah, did you know Chuck D has retweeted and favourite a tweet of mine!!

1990 was also the year of:
Doing the Do with Betty Boo, which I did love, yeah, yeah, take a number!
Milli Vanilla - I still have the cassette...say no more
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice - I hated this at the time, but grew to 'appreciate' it
U can't touch this - MC Hammer, I hated that I loved this, still love it but don't hate myself anymore, it's a classic, no doubt about it!

I hung out at the Cambridge, and danced to these songs wearing all black: bike pants (WTF! When Demi Moore wore them to a fashion thing I knew my jig was up!) and fishnet stockings, docs or boxing boots (I did not box), a bra and see through gauze or knit top...oh my!!! I cannot remember if I started my fake beauty spot then, but it sounds about right. I was growing my hair out from a bob, cause everyone had them. I may have looked (or thought I looked) like I had attitude but I was total dork underneath. I may have photos, but who needs to be depressed by the young and thin!

Free Falling - Tom Petty
From the opening clear guitar lines, to those classic first lines, you just know you are listening to a song that will stand the test of time. This has...a favourite then and a favourite now.

"She's a good girl, she's crazy about Elvis"

Do you have a favourite song from 1990????


The Fresh Ingredient said...

Oh My!
There are some great memories in that lot!
Love Shack - just for the power of the voice!
Sinead - Nothing does compare to her & that young twit who thinks she is offering an homage can think again!!!

Short short hotpants or bike shorts with stockings, boots & gauzy tops over bras (oh dear, no wonder my poor father shook his head when he saw me!!)
I rocked the super short hair, copper coloured and if not in the above mentioned costume could be found with 501's, boots and a white T-shirt, mans wallet in back pocket and lipstick (Poppy?), ID, car key & cash in the other!!
Was seriously into The Cure & The Church at this time.
I loved Pictures of You especially the romantic notion behind it "According to interviews, the inspiration of the song came when a fire broke loose in Robert Smith's home. After that day, Smith was going through the remains and came across his wallet which had pictures of his wife, Mary"
Swoon & sigh for the innocence of those years!

Loved this post!!

Cathy said...

Ha, Vince has just sent me 1991, I am yet to look. Got things to do, can't spend more time down memory lane today, will save for another time.

You really did rock the short, red hair, always suited you! I think that was about the time of Poppy, if not then, very close to it!

Love The Church and The Cure, but neither had any songs in the charts as such during that year, hence their omission. Also omitted, any modern reference to Sinead as I did not want to infect my blog with that kind of trauma!

Stay tuned, I might do more if the year entices, as this one did. I await Vince's inspiration :)