Sunday, May 11, 2014


April began on a bang with the Writers Festival, which was a fabulous long weekend full of all things fun and literary AND I got to be involved in a session.

The rest of the month has been rather sublime and restful. Which I have really needed after a very full and full on year so far. Not complaining, but one does need to recharge the batteries from time to time!

I long lunched with C at Caves Beach Hotel, and attended Bibliotweeps Book Club to discuss Anita's book, Tiddas. And then read up at the beach until I met L at The Towers to see the perfect The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I also went to Fernwood for High Tea with L, B, A & J. It is a beautiful old home at The Junction, where we ate the most delicious delicacies.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I had 5.5 days off during the Easter Long Weekend, and mostly napped, ate, read, and caught up on DVDs. It incredibly zen. I did manage a beautician appointment, lunch with J, and a family get together for Easter and my sister's birthday on the Sunday...but that was all.

Before the Anzac day long weekend, L, A, J & I tried the new Napoli Pizza on King Street near The Towers, highly recommend. I haven't had pizza that good since Italy!!

And then some of the family headed down to Woolwich Pier Hotel in Sydney to celebrate the impending birth of my cousin's baby. What a delightful afternoon we had catching up with family and friends, most of whom we toured Italy with.

So a much quieter month, meant I got more reading and DVD watching done and you can read about that here.

And do a little writing about literature: Shakespeare and Project Read.

Also more time to walk and enjoy the fabulous sunsets this time of the year provides.

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