Monday, June 23, 2014


I first came across Henry Wagons on Rockwiz some years back. He was great, irreverent, witty, and charming. His music a blend of bluesy, country, rock that grabbed you. So when we found out he was playing Lizotte's with his band Wagons, A, L, & I were there. I had the new album and really loved it. but I was not prepared for what a great gig it would be.

From the moment he took the stage we were in the palm of his sweaty hand. He embodied every note that came out of him, moving like a powerful beast to the rhythm of the music, inhabiting the stage with such a primal presence I found myself moving physically closer as the night wore on...well as close as leaning over the table I was sitting at would let me.

In fact his stance on stage reminded a little of Nick Cave.

But he was more accessible than Cave, talking with great humour between songs and just providing us with a genuine show on top of the music. His band were tight and loud, and best of all, they all looked like they were having the best time on stage.

He talked about his influences, Elvis, Springsteen, Willie Nelson...including his fabulous tribute song to Willie, which we all joined him on at the encore. Wiiiilllllleeeee!!!!!!

As he belted Willie out and encouraged us to join in, he came into the audience and jumped atop the table next to us, a grinding, sweaty, hunk of musical agility. The audience cheered and sang, we were with him and the band every inch of the way.

And then it was over, we left riled up, thrilled for the experience and a little sad it was over.

Wagons, and indeed Henry himself, are a band that defies description, suffice to say, you must go and see them live now!!!!

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