Sunday, July 13, 2014


Looking back I guess June was busy, yet it didn't feel that way at the time.

I started the month with much laughter seeing The Trip to Italy at The Towers with A. This is the second trip with Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan. I loved the first trip, and this one, set in Italy was as good, if not better and certainly equally as funny. Rob and Steve (as potted versions of themselves) travel through Italy staying at lovely places and eating incredible food. The food and the scenery was outstanding, but really it is their friendship, and slight rivalry that makes the film. Jokes, one-upmanship and loads of impersonations had us laughing so much we were crying and snorting (well, ok, that was just me!). If you haven't seen this, you really are missing out of something!

Work has been busy with the lead up to School Holidays and Naidoc Week and planning activities. We have been going out into the community and talking to schools and had our monthly movie night, this time, Priscilla. The 500 Words Writing Group I facilitate is growing, welcoming new members each time. The stories I wrote about this month are: Taking a wrong turn in Rome, My last day with my Pop, and how I felt when Lost ended.

I saw a lot of concerts this month: Tim Freedman, Wagons, and Lloyd Cole (where I was lucky enough to 'work' for and meet him) at the fabulous Lizotte's.

I also took my parents to see The Glenn Miller Orchestra at The Civic Theatre.

I spent time with family and friends to celebrate birthdays, farewells and just to catch up at The Olive Tree Markets, Talulah, The Landing, The Royal Inn, Graze, and The Grain Store.

And of course got up to my usual reading, watching and listening.

And I caught a couple of films at the Sydney Travelling Film Festival with J.

The first film was Rock the Casbah, a drama set in Morocco about a family reuniting to bury their father, Omar Sheriff. His presence looms large over the three days they are together and after the initial mourning, personalities and secrets are unveiled. This was shot in the most stunning locations, not least the amazing family home. The large cast was superb, and whilst the plot was dramatic, there was plenty of light humour scattered through. 

The second film was Richard Linklater's Boyhood. There are not enough superlatives to describe this magnificent film. Masterpiece does seem to be the best description. A coming of age film, shot in such a unique and original way, it defies categorisation. Linklater cast a young boy of 5 and filmed Boyhood over 12 years waiting for him to age and indeed come of age. This was such a leap of faith on his behalf, it could have been a disaster, but it wasn't. With Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke as his divorced parents, and Linklater's own daughter, you watch these people evolve over 12 years. And it is pure magic. The film clocks in at almost 3 hours and I could have sat there for double the time. This is simply a film to be seen, it has been garnering rave reviews and it should. Arquette and Hawke are brilliant and believable and simply stunning in this. But it is Ellar Coltrane, who is the star. His portrayal of a version of himself from 5 to 17 is nothing short of a miracle, from a cute kid to an awkward tween to an almost Ethan Hawke lookalike teen, he simply shines. Without Coltrane this movie simply would not be, and what an extraordinary performance it is. I cannot recommend this film highly enough, it is one of the best films I have seen in a long time.

And nature put on a fabulous show as always.

Sunset on Beaumont Street

Kookie at Greenpoint

Rainbow over Lake Macquarie 

Sunrise over the cemetery, Blacksmiths

Sunrise over Swansea, no filter (never use filters)

Looks can be deceiving, bitterly cold at Greenpoint


Crinau said...

Love your busyness. Going to have to get the DVD to Boyhood when it comes out. Would the library get it? We only saw The Trip (prequel) so I am looking forward to The Trip to Italy.

Cathy said...

Thanks Corinne. Boyhood has only just been released at the cinema this week I think. So should hit Ncle in the coming weeks I think. Usually the library does get the big titles and that would be one...but when it is released on DVD.