Sunday, September 28, 2014


The month started quietly with a day off and a lovely walk at Green Point, I had just discovered a new lookout (new to me!) which serves as a nice midpoint to my walk and meditation spot. It was a dark, overcast day, so I couldn't stay there long, and ended up reading underneath my favourite tree at the end of the walk.

The following day was full of sunshine, fun and friends. Brunch at Talulah, Olive Tree Markets, Movies, and supping at Bar Petite.
The movie was an Australian documentary called Once My Mother. Difficult to describe, but a must see, it's about a mother's extraordinary journey from Europe through the holocaust and WWII to Melbourne, told from the eyes of her film-maker daughter.
I returned to The Regal the following night to volunteer and to see the French/Iranian drama, The Past. Directed by Asghar Farhadi (A Separation) and starring Berenice Bejo, it is about a young French woman and her children. She is living with her lover and her ex-husband returns from Iran to finalise their divorce. Over a few days a whole range of hurt and torment from the past rises to the surface and you wonder how anyone involved will ever be the same again. Great acting and tightly wound drama, this is really worth seeing.
On a mild Thursday evening I was finally lured by the White Rabbit to an Underground Epicurean event. What a delightful evening with friends. Champagne and starters at Soul Foods, mains and dessert at Napoli Centrale, and a movie next door at The Towers. The movie was 100-Foot Journey with Helen Mirran. It was a sweet film about culture clash between Indians and the French in countryside France.
After months of anticipation I met L & A at Glendale to watch Monty Python Live on the big screen. It was very much an underwhelming experience, with some laughs, but nowhere near enough for the almost 3 hours of the show. Terry Jones and Michael Palin the stand out performers (nothing changes really!). Kinda made me sad.
Every now and then you have a night so spectacular that it will go down in history. Our Sat night out for L's birthday was one of them. L, J, A, & I began (as planned) at Red Baron. Oh my, I had heard much about this club, and I was thrilled to be there. We walked in to this buzzing Berlin bar decked in Deco to The Andrews Sisters singing Rum and Coca Cola and I knew I was at home. Great Russian tapas, champagne, and laughs and chats in this fabulous bar. We had not planned past this, so headed to the Great Northern for mains, but it was in between owners, no food, and looking sadder than usual (oh I long for the day someone looks after my favourite pub with the care it so deserves!). After a drink, we moved on to Chooks and Brooskys, a new place on Hunter Street, that served fried chicken and beer. We didn't have a beer, but the chicken was amazing. Then we headed to the Lass, where we played pool drank, laughed, danced, and had a blast listening to the cool bands playing. You don't plan nights like these, they take on a life of their own and just happen. Happy Days!!!!
The next evening was a slower, quieter almost-repeat of the night previous. I met M at Customs House for a drink and some pool, then we headed to Red Baron, where it was quiet and pleasant, before moving on to Grainhouse for dinner. A great evening of chatter and reflection.
The following weekend provided an evening of variety. Starting at Back to Back Galleries for the opening of our friend C's stunning art exhibit, L & I then headed next door to the Oriental Hotel for pizza and beer for dinner, then to the Terrace bar for more drinkies before heading to Ncle Panthers to meet B and A, and see Courtney Love!! Let's pass on the whole venue thing and go straight to how extraordinary the concert was. I had low expectations, cause you never can predict her behaviour, and her solo stuff is a bit ordinary. Well, she turned it on and it was a sight to behold. She looked great, mostly sung 90s (Hole) songs and sounded terrific, and seemed to be joining herself. We lasted about 30mins up the front before the mosh pit got a little bit too much, not bad for 40 somethings!!! We ended the night with a reflective drink at Cooks Hill Hotel.

The following day was the new Doctor Who on the big Screen at Charlestown. C & I reveled at Capaldi as the new doctor, almost a year after his announcement. It was a great first episode and my thoughts were cemented that he may well go down as the best doctor ever!
The family celebrated A's birthday at Heng Loong Chinese at Wallsend. Heng Loong is in the old Wallsend Library and I had heard good things about it, but never been. They have decorated the old library well and the food is outstanding. So much so I was back a week later for a catch up with N & V.

We had a work function at Sesame's Belmont, another restaurant I had heard good things about and again, outstanding.
The month ended with B & I having a chat at Talulah instead of bookclubbing. Bibliotweeps was a bust this month due to inclement weather, illness, and kid wrangling.
You can read all my reviews of the month here.
As always there were photo opportunities to be had, with some spectacular sunsets this month!


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