Saturday, January 3, 2015

Goodbye 2014 and welcome 2015: the year of living in the moment!

Ahhh 2014, the year that laid the groundwork for a great 2015!

I am paraphrasing from a friends FB status...thanks Rik...but I like it's intent.

2014 wasn't as horrid as 2013 but it wasn't that much better either, and I could explain why, but really what is the point!?!

It's sooo last year!

So I would rather accentuate the positives from 2014 and look towards 2015.

Life can be amazing, and it will be...

And in 2014 I actually did a lot of amazing, mostly with amazing people, some of which included:
  • Seeing David Sedaris, Amanda Palmer, Yoko Ono exhibit, Beatles tribute show at the Opera house, and Doctor Who Melbourne Symphony Orchestra ALL in January!
  • My stunning Regal Cinema reopened with one chair sponsored by me
  • My amazing friend, Linda Drummond saved an Australian institution with SPC Sunday
  • I hosted a special book tour at work with Anita Heiss and Lisa Heidke
  • I saw Neil Finn play The Civic, and Joanne McCarthy talk about her passion
  • I participated in the Newcastle Writer's Festival reading a story about my adventures in Africa
  • Ate out with friends a lot, trying so many new and wonderful places, like Fernwood High Tea, Casa de Loco, Una Volta, Coal and Cedar, The Hop Factory, Grainstore, Red Baron, Saigon Feast.
  • I saw Leo Sayer, Russell Morris, Richard Clapton, and Joe Camilleri at The Civic
  • I became a member of the Newcastle Art Gallery Society
  • Athena and I attended a Newcastle Folk Society night with the stunning Kavisha Mazello
  • Celebrated Eurovision in style at The Grain Store
  • I had the most magical and enjoyable day at The Sydney Writer's Festival
  • In June I saw Lloyd Cole, Henry Wagons, The Glenn Miller Orchestra and Tim Freedman
  • I got to meet and sell merch for Lloyd Cole
  • I had a mini break in Jan, June, and Aug, and a trip to Melbourne in Nov
  • I saw Dan Sultan and Stonefield
  • I was on Treasure Hunter with my friend R
  • I finally went to my first Underground Epicurean
  • I had the most amazing night out at Red Baron, and The Lass with my fabulous gals
  • I had the most amazing afternoon and night at Red Baron and Grainstore
  • We saw Courtney Love
  • I SAW BOB DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I met our latest family member Azura
  • As always I attend the Silent Film Festival
  • We saw Steve Smyth at The Lass
  • Attended the National Youth Writer's Festival
  • Saw Bill Bailey at The Civic
  • Had a fun night with friends at Pinball and Pizza
  • Saw Les Mis, Once, JPG, Stop Making Sense and much much more in Melbourne
  • We listened to Julia Gillard
  • We rallied for the ABC, and said goodbye to Carol Duncan
  • I met William McInnes and marveled at the Sky Whale
  • We danced at the Great Northern for 80s night and Twitter
  • Night swam at Merewether Baths
  • Rang in the NY in style at The Landing
  • Work continued to be great, I have a fabulous team, we do wonderful work, I was challenged by some additional projects which I loved, and felt the love from our community.
  • My love life had it's ups and downs...ok mostly downs...but better than nothing...I suppose :/
  • Family and Friends continued to love and support me and don't think it goes unnoticed. Truly blessed I am for those that love me.
So despite all the crappy, 2014 had a lot within to love.

At the beginning of the year I proclaimed 5 projects and 10 things I was going to do through the year. I guess I was busy doing all the other things to think too much about them!

The 5 Projects were:
Project 42 for life - based on my 42 things project from 2013, I continued these beautifully in 2014.

Project Cathy - 40mins a day on me improving inside and out, this started well, fell over a bit, but picked up. I give myself 65% on this one.

Project declutter and revamp - I'm almost there, finding the right dining table set back my efforts, I will have this finished this year!

Project read - this will be a whole other blog I think, I did ok, I read a lot but didn't complete everything on the list.

Project Sunday - This was spending 30mins each Sunday to look ahead and gently plan my week. I only missed a few and it helped me get more things done and forget less things too. 95% success on this.

10 things:
Sort holiday photos into an album -Nope
Learn a new instrument - bought a uke AND bongos but not quite proficient
Swim at night at Merewether or ocean baths - Yep
Walk to Boolaroo and see a movie and walk home - Nope
Rewrite and expand my European blog - Nope
Take another writing course - Nope
Teach my niece to play the guitar and take my nephew to more galleries -  I did a little of both with both of them
Road trip to Wendy Whiteley's garden - Nope
Mini trip and start planning overseas trip - Yep to Melbourne and Yep Portugal, Barcelona and Paris - unsure when, but it will happen!
Buy a ipod to downsize my cd colln - Nope to ipod but yes to downsizing
And for those paying attention to previous lists, I still haven't finished my green scarf, lol!

So what will 2015 bring for me:

I've decided not to do a list this year. My life is busy and good enough without adding specific lists of things I have to do. I spent forever trying to work out my thoughts for 2015 and realised I just do not need to add anything else to my life in terms of lists and things and such. What I am meant to do I will do.

So in 2015 I will be just living in the moment...which I love the sound of!!

My favourite thing to do, is find somewhere to explore (at home or in other locations), and just walk, take photos, smell the strawberries, look up, daydream, and just be. So 2015 will feature much more of that, and everyone is welcome to join me on my adventures. 

I do exploration and indulgence VERY well!! You will not be disappointed!

I do like to have special occasions to look forward to, so I will ensure that is always the case by having at least one thing a month planned, but otherwise, I'm letting fate and adventure take it's course. (Ok I do hope I meet someone extra special, but I always hope for that, maybe this year is THE year...or not...either way, I will survive!!)

I will continue with a few projects, but that's really just an extension of what I have been doing these past few years. 

My projects will be

Project 42 for life - keeping on with all the things I started when I was 42 and incorporating Project Cathy (internal and external improvements on my self), Project Sunday (planning ahead for the week each Sunday). I will also add a new thing which I started at the beginning of the year and was working well until too many distractions halted it. This is where I turn off all electronics an hour or so before  go to bed and just read.  

Project Declutter - nearly there and will finish this year

Project Read -  I shall blog on this further at some point.

And whilst I look forward to my first exciting event of the year...An evening with my beloved Neil Gaiman at the end of January, I'll end with words from the wise man himself!

Be kind to yourself in the year ahead. 

Remember to forgive yourself, and to forgive others. It's too easy to be outraged these days, so much harder to change things, to reach out, to understand.

Try to make your time matter: minutes and hours and days and weeks can blow away like dead leaves, with nothing to show but time you spent not quite ever doing things, or time you spent waiting to begin.

Meet new people and talk to them. Make new things and show them to people who might enjoy them. 

Hug too much. Smile too much. And, when you can, love.

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