Monday, July 20, 2015


June was a mixed bag of a month. I had a bit of a relapse with the black dog returning for a few weeks, quite possibly not banished as far as I had thought. He's still lingering, but it's all about the bounce back and I am doing ok. This unfortunately has led to a rise in my anxiety also, so you know I have felt like a bit of a mess. However I always manage to pull myself together at work, because I feel strongly about that, I come home and kinda melt down. Having my bad foot start to improve has been a great help in getting back on track. I've gotten back into gentle walks and even the gym once a week. This really helps my state of mind. Anyway, I am sure we all have these moments, and I think it's important to acknowledge them, and get to the bottom of them, and hopefully learn something. I learnt - and I knew this anyway - I am not superwoman, and I cannot do it all, all by myself.

So work has been busy and good, working on quite a range of projects on top of the usual and it's been great. I also was privileged to attend a great two-day course on mentoring which was one of the best courses I have been to. Our Movie Night this month was LA Confidential, which received a rousing round of applause at the end. We read the wonderful Jane Eyre for Book Club, our small group loved the book and a great discussion was had over these beloved characters. I hadn't read Jane Eyre since I was in my teens and was pleased to love it possibly more than I did then. There are parts of it that still leave me perplexed, I am still not convinced Rochester is Jane's best choice, but it is very romantic. And what a feminist and ahead of her times Charlotte Bronte was!

We had double celebrations for Mum over the month with a belated Mother's day dinner at our local pub, The Royale Inn. Mum and Dad had been holidaying in Queensland as usual hence the later get together. We also celebrated Mum's birthday at The Exchange Hotel.

I caught a few movies during the month. Entourage was good, pretty much a shortened series in the form of a movie, I think it has probably had its day but I do love Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillon's characters. I also saw Avengers, which was fun, but probably not as good as the first one. Both of these movies are not my usual fare for sure, but sometimes it's nice to leave your brain at the door...sometimes...but, not often!

I ended the month seeing the sublime Far From the Madding Crowd with A and L. Lush and lusty, this was the perfect period drama, beautifully shot, and well acted. We swooned through the entire movie.

Getting back into walking, I was back at my beloved Green Point walk many times this month and also took a lovely long walk along the breakwater at Nobbys. I haven't done that in years and pushed through the discomfort in my foot. It was a glorious day and dolphins were hanging out at the very end which was a lovely reward. I treated myself to a burger in Pacific Park afterwards.

We celebrated S's birthday with drinks at The Delaney, and J, L & I caught the Travelling Film Festival with a fabulous dinner at our favourite Vietnamese, Saigon Feast afterwards. Highlight of the month, socially, was seeing the superb amateur production of Lady Windermere's Fan at Newcastle Theatre Company in Lambton with A. It was a beautifully produced and very well acted production, complete with old fashioned sing-alongs in between acts. I haven't been to NTC for years and this was my first experience in their new theatre, which was great.

And of course, I got a new car, which really, was just the newer model of my old one. But it's nice to have new things, especially when you work so hard for them and well, it is just you!

So a quieter month socially, and it gave me plenty of time for my reading, watching, and listening, and as usual photography:

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