Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Australian Ballet presents The Dancers Company

I've always loved the Ballet, though it's not something I see that often. As a child my paternal grandmother, Nanna, used to take my sister K and I to the Ballet often. Our youngest sister A was not yet born, and it was before Nanna became ill. So we would have been well under 10 and I have vague memories of this. Sort of an all blended into one memory. This has given me a lifetime love of all things cultured and experiencing them in The Civic Theatre. 

Every time I enter it's hallowed grounds I get all the feels, there is a lifetime of shows and memories there. It's difficult to articulate, I've never known any different, if you want to go to a class show in Newcastle, you go to The Civic. I never tire of her beauty and excitement.

All great buildings are female I think...

I've seen many different types of shows at The Civic over the years, but to see the great types of shows in that stunning theatre is something else.

Ballet, Opera, Shakespeare...there are only three!!!!

And this time I got to take my gorgeous friend C to her very first Ballet!

The Dancers Company are students, the young dancers, often with a principal in a small lead role. I've not seen anything by them before so was hopeful it would be ok. 

And they were great, not perfect, cause well, that's why they are The Dancers Company and not the Australian Ballet. A few shakey legs and arms but really nothing to complain about at all!

They did three pieces each divided by an intermission and it truly was the most perfect introduction if you hadn't been to the Ballet before.

The first piece was Paquita (Ludwig Minkus) and a simple dance piece featuring glorious tutus in reds, rose, creams, and white. Glorious precision lines, stunning solos, and it just made you smile.

The second piece was contemporary called Rimbombo and featured mostly males, in Kabuki style face paint. It incorporated classical moves with contemporary attitude and was incredibly funny. It moved at a break neck speed only to be slowed down by the tiniest, cutest little ballerina towards the end.

Finally, Act III of Swan Lake! Sumptuous costumes at the ball where Prince Siegfried is to choose his bride despite being in love with Odette. But Siegfried is tricked by Rothbart into thinking his daughter Odile is Odette...ahhh, ballet, you gotta love a drama. I have always been curious about this plot point, cause if Siegfried really loved Odette, shouldn't he have realised it was not her but Odile he was dancing with??

Crazy storylines aside - and let's face it most Opera and Ballet have crazy storylines, that's part of the appeal - Swan Lake is a stunning Ballet and the music is supreme. Tchaikovsky is such a romantic composer. I have so many cherished memories of dancing around my grandparents house with my sister in our tutus (bought especially for that very thing, because why not?) to Tchaikovsky with Nanna following us and twirling with us.

I tend not to get caught up in what is going on storyline wise with the Ballet. So me it's costumes, costumes, costumes, the romantic music, and the strength yet lightness of these talented individuals. So much to take in, so much to sense, it's a privilege and a delight.

I am pleased to say C thoroughly enjoyed her experience, I think I took more delight in her delight if that makes sense, and we are keen to get to a 'proper' Ballet very soon.

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