Saturday, May 14, 2016


April was fabulous, I got lots done, work was crazy busy, and I had fun.
I finally framed some of my art and hung them in my place!

Work was full of training, me working with our new trainee, all of us doing this marvellous strength training and various side projects relating to it. I did plenty of stock work, we had great school holiday programs, and all the usual stuff! We also headed out for a team dinner at Parry Street Garage, excellent meal! I am lucky to have such a great job, I really know it. I have moments of frustration, but that’s because I love what I do and want perfection and wonderful and to get that you need to trample through mud to get that. But you know, mostly my time at work, makes me smile and feel content and for that I am grateful.

I finally succumbed to the NBN, which after some initial annoyance is working wonderfully and as part of the deal got Foxtel installed. Trialling it for free for a few months, so loving having access to some things, especially Game of Thrones live! This was rather time consuming and annoying to get moving, but glad I kept pushing through as it is great, saving me money, and adding a little extra couch surfing to my life, lol!

I spent a late Saturday walking around the beaches in Newcastle and witnesses the most spectacular sunset at Nobbys. I really cherish living in an amazing town where I can do such things, be with my own thoughts, take some photos, daydream, and be me.

I got to meet National Treasure, Tom Keneally and his lovely daughter at the latest Share the Story with Carol Duncan at Belmont Library.

I saw the latest David Williamson play at The Civic with M and P, which was good but not great.

I spent time with the wonderful A and also the gorgeous J, I think you guys – separately – save me and make me a better person!
We celebrated my sister’s birthday with a family gathering and a great Italian meal at El Nonnos.
I looked after myself with a flushot, hair and beautician appointments, and purchasing some essential oils at a lovely afternoon workshop with my wonderful friends A and B.
And ended the month with my gals, A, J, and L, eating, drinking, chatting, and laughing at our French Night!

As always there was markets and sunsets and bookclub and my reviews on books, cds, dvds etc.


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