Monday, June 13, 2016


The month started drizzly and cool, after a quick trip to the markets, I then spent the day in Cessnock with A.

We continued to be busy at work, more and more training, projects starting to come together, Star Wars Day, and Library and Information Week which had school visits, Biggest Morning Tea, and my SM for Seniors course.
May is the month of spectacular sunsets, so many an afternoon was spent pulling the car over to grab a fine pic.

We had a lovely discussion about a favourite book, Olive Kitteridge, at Book Club, and enjoyed a day with the family for Mother's Day.

I finally caught up with my bestie, C, and we had tea and chatter, a night out at Cardiff Library learning about Bees, great Thai takeaway and more chatter and laughs, Oh how lifted I feel after just moments in this gal’s presence, but hours...even better!

My clever cousin, D, has been moving her stunning art onto Etsy. But often we see a sneak preview on Facebook. I was eyeing off a series of night time paintings of my beloved Sydney Opera House, but the colours she was using wouldn’t work with my decor at home. I silently willed her to paint a blue and green one and she did. I waited patiently for it to arrive in her store so I could send off an order. We were both equally excited, and the art looked even better in real life. I am still trying to work out where to hang it!

A and J and I headed to the Lambton Park Hotel for an 80s cover night, which was ok. But always nice to get out, give something new a go, and of course spend time with my gals!
The middle Saturday of the month was what I call perfect weather, sun shining but a coolish breeze, I had a nice sleep in, got the washing out, then had a long long walk around the lake before hitting the markets, and bringing home fruit, veges, and lunch. Friends had recommended Lena Dunham’s podcast, and I spent the afternoon writing in my study, listening to these remarkable women with the sun shining through...perfection!

Eurovision was also a highlight over this weekend, with my favourite winning, and Australia coming in second. What I love the most is the online community and their wit during this fun weekend.
I also went to two evenings of Science at The Edwards for a Pint of Science with C, and brilliantly organised by L. What a joy these evenings were, learning about cells and DNA and such on the Monday night, and Space Science and 3D printing on the Wednesday.

I had a splendid evening at City Hall listening to Sydney Symphony Orchestra play Schubert, Mozart, Schultz, and Prokofiev. Always a delight, I cannot begin to say how much I love hearing classical music live. I should do more of it, as it is a totally relaxing and divine experience.

The month ended with a lovely visit to The Tea Project on King Street with A and B. I highly recommend an escape there, the atmosphere is relaxing and otherworldly, the food and tea superb. And of course catching up with my lovely friends was really the highlight.

And as always a few pics from here and there.

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