Monday, July 18, 2016


June was a strange old month, up and down, and all over the shop!
Mostly June was about strange weather that messed up my sinuses. So much so, I had to take time off work because of it, which is a first for me.
I also struggled a little with that bloody black dog during the month, nothing major and my bounce back wasn’t too bad. But enough to make you realise that you can be sailing along beautifully and can really drop back without anything much bothering you. Goddamn little fucker, lol!!!
Having said that I was not alone, many people I spoke to were suffering sinus, anxiety, depression, and other forms of crappy health. So let’s blame June and the weather!

And that’s the thing about talking about such things, you find others suffering similarly and realise you are not alone, and just by chatting you can find yourself lifted.
And sometimes that is all you need you help you from completely drowning, a chat with a friend, an upbeat piece of music or a movie or a book to escape into, a walk in the sun, or something yummy to eat. You gotta do what you can to ensure you feel better!
So as you can see from my June Reviews, I spent a bit of time inside, keeping the weather out and hopefully the demons at bay with much entertainment!
But it wasn’t all doom and gloom!

My gals and I finally checked out the new Gold Cinema at Garden City (it will always be Garden City to me) and what a divine experience that was. We saw The Clooney/Roberts Film, Money Maker, which was really good!

M, P and I saw the play Trailer, at The Playhouse, which was great. A local production about a young teen just out of school and unsure what he wants to do with his life. PIcking up a temporary job and travelling the central coast line trains put him in the orbit of people he probably wouldn’t otherwise meet.

E, C, and I had tickets to our yearly APIA tour, but E became unwell, so Mum and Dad were called upon to accompany me and we had a great time.
Work was busy, we played one of my faves, All About Eve for our Library Movie Night, I’ve been juggling some interesting projects, and doing a lot of school and community liaison.
At Bookclub we discussed The Maltese Falcon, which was a lot of fun.

And we celebrated Mum’s birthday at the pub.
There was the usual walks, markets, and photos taken.


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