Sunday, August 7, 2016


July began early and chilly with my niece’s soccer game up at Cessnock. This meant I could catch up with A and have a nice lunch and drive around at the vineyards.

 and I had a lovely girls day out early in the month. We had lunch at The Depot, and afternoon tea at Euro Cafe, and a lot of walking and chatting in between, always fab for the soul.

A few months back A, J, and & I caught an 80s covers band and they were ok. SInce then I found out the main members were from a band I loved in my 20s, Bark, and we decided to give them another go. So on a cold Friday night we all headed with L to give them a second chance. The Gallipoli Club had hardly changed and we ate a basic club meal before settling into some old leather lounges. Well, they were great, so we were great we gave them a second chance. Their first set was a great mix of 80s pop, their second all Bowie and they were really really good. They are called Trancemission, and we’ll be back.

The weekend following was a double market weekend, which happens rarely, markets on both days at Speers Point.

The middle of the month was one of those perfect weekends that doesn’t come around. It started with the most brilliant morning at King Edward Park for Wuthering Heights Day. A group of about 40 gals and guys turned up decked out in red emulating Kate Bush in that classic film clip. After a few run throughs, we all danced the Wuthering Heights dance, and it was the most joyous thing I’ve done. 

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating A’s birthday and walking around Newcastle, taking in the beach and surrounds.

I took a mid month break from work and headed to Sydney to catch up with my cousins D and S, and see the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition the NSW Art Gallery.
Also caught up with T for lunch at Caves Beach Hotel, and a wander around Caves Beach after, French Friday with L, a great film called The Student and Mister Henri.

C and I ate at the new Civic Digest, which was most impressive, prior to a show at the Civic Theatre. The show as called Alvin Sputnik and was very different. So starters we sat on stage for the show, which gave us lovely views back into the theatre. The show was a mix of puppetry, video, art, music, with themes of the environment and love. Quite delightful.

Saw my nephew play soccer on the windiest day of the year, and had a great Bookclub discussing Richard Glover’s amazing memoir, Flesh Wounds.
The weekend ended quietly with a lovely walk around Pelican.

And as always, took some pics.


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