Saturday, September 10, 2016


August was rough, I don’t mind saying. Work threw me some curveballs and I was mega busy juggling a lot more than I usually would. And I had a few personal things to deal with. Between the two I was almost down for the count. But I am a strong woman and I have even stronger friends, who I really don’t know how I would exist without! I just focused one day at a time and managed to keep the black dog away, in my sights for sure, but not quite taking me down. I was – as I say – on the run, for much of the month. Just trying to keep busy and not be left alone too much within my head. Of course you cannot keep running forever, so I did have moments of down time but I didn’t get too upset so that is good I guess.
Life is complex my friends. I wish I had the answers. I wish I could help all the people that so terribly need help – much more than I ever will. But all I can do is be there for others, be kind and considerate, and most importantly, look after myself. That’s all any of us can do.
Work has kept me busy managing two exciting projects on top of my regular work. I am looking after the Share The Story with Carol Duncan programs, and have high profile authors, Anita Heiss and WIlliam McInnes scheduled for the rest of the year and working on 2017. And I am working on a furniture refit for the entire library system with 2 of my lovely colleagues. This is a huge undertaking and will keep us busy for some time, but it is very exciting and loads of fun. We are also rearranging shelving and areas within Swansea Library, so that is a time consuming and physical activity, but should look amazing when finished. I also have a trainee to manage which is time consuming. Our Movie Night was Double Indemnity, always fab to see. And August is Book Week, always a huge month, and it has been a pleasure seeing my team really do brilliant things for the kids of our community.
I saw a few movies this month. Ab Fab the movie, which was loads of fun, especially experiencing it in Gold Class with my gals! I walked to Boolaroo and back – something I’ve wanted to do forever – to see Maggie’s Plan, which I loved! The walk is about 1.25 hours each way and it was a lovely warm day, and of course I get to sit in a cool cinema in the middle of it all! I also saw the fabulous documentary Hitchcock Truffant, based on their talk and the seminal book on Hitchcock and indeed movie making. And the French Friday film was Valley of Love with the incomparable Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert.

My Bestie C had her brother A out from Cyprus, so we did a lot of things out and about. A lovely lunch on a warm day at Merewether Surf House, always perfection, followed by dessert at Coco Mondo on Darby. I went to a family BBQ and we had a great vinyl evening. Also a sublime day at the vineyards with lunch at Wollombi pub.


We celebrated L’s birthday at Saigon Feast and A’s birthday at Mexican Cantina.

There was much excitement re-reading Salinger for Bookclub, you can read about that here. And as always I had much to review – you can read about that here!

I did my market thing as always and L and I headed to Lake Macquarie Art Gallery one sunny Sunday to see a Tantrum Theatre show/exhibit.

Had my regular breast check-up and all was a-ok thankfully.

And we were lucky enough to see the brilliant Nigel Milsom in conversation with the delightful Myf Warhurst at The Lock-Up, and of course the pleasure of viewing his amazing work within that exhibition.

So you know life isn’t that bad, especially when you have fabulous family and friends to help you navigate through.

And as always a few pics I took, no filters, all real, no fake when it comes to me!!!!

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