Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 ROUND UP and 2017 WISHES!

Happy New Year!!!!

I had a very quiet evening in, eating seafood, drinking vodka, watching old movies, and reflecting on the year that was 2016!

I don’t mind admitting I felt a bit off and melancholy on the 30th but a busy day of reading the next day and the lovely evening I had put me in a positive and happy mood for 2017!!!

Reflecting on 2016 made me realise as much as there was much upset during the year there was also much much much joy! But more of that later, let’s looks at the goals I set at the beginning of the year!

So for 2016 I had decided to:

Be freer with my love and let my poor wounded heart be transformed – and I bloody did! Ok this meant not only did my heart actually transform but I also got trampled on a little too. But that’s life and I guess it is how you bounce back or take these tramplings. But I really prefer to look at the positives and know I met some special men, who really showed me I was worthy and loveable and that’s gotta be a good thing. Sure I’m still single at the end of the year but I have learnt a lot – mostly about myself – and grown and that is fine by me!

Continue my Online Journey for Love –  Yes, yes I did!

Travel More – this was smaller trips, I don’t think I did as much as I had planned, but certainly more than years past, with multiple weekends away to Wine Country, day trips to Sydney, holidays to Melbourne (twice), and The Entrance.

See More Live Music – again more than usual, but not as much as I would have planned, but still a great amount.

Keep Hold of my Clarity and Mojo -  this year was better than previous ones, but I still had some deep, down moments. But they didn’t last too long, compared to other years. I had a lot go on this year so pleased to be here typing now with clarity and most definitely my mojo.

Continue Project 42/Read/Declutter – yes, all these good habits from previous years continued, working on little projects, continually decluttering Club Cathy and reading more than I have in a long time.

So in all not perfect but not bad at all! 

High Five Me!!!

So what am I looking for in 2017???

Love  - this is my thing, Mr Right for me has got to be out there...surely!?! Otherwise, what is the point of life??? I came incredibly close this year, but alas no cigar! So I shall quietly, as always, continue my search...

Travel More – if you’re on a good thing, stick to it. Smaller trips, day trips, weekends away. I've already planned one for April (Sydney) and can see myself visiting The Entrance much more as I feel really relaxed there.

Read more of my own Books – this will sound weird, but as a Librarian I read mostly books from work and as a book lover I purchase a LOT of books, most sit there looking lovely but unread. I am going to try and work my way through some of these this year. Yes I have a plan, and it’s fairly simple – shelf by shelf, bookcase by bookcase. Won’t get through them all this year, cause that would be nuts. But I’ll give it a hot shot.

Be Healthier -  keeping this general, this is all aspects of health, including mental health. I do want to find a yoga/pilates/meditation class to attend and plan on going back to the gym. But also making time to day dream and think and ensure I am calm and rested and have my clarity and mojo intact.

Be more laid back and less intense  - I know I had my moments this year, moments of intensity and deepness and up tightness – I don’t like this at all, I like to be chilled and carefree, so I hope I can keep that up more this year.

Be More Creative – write more, play more music, sing more (maybe join a choir), draw and paint, take more photos.

I think that will do!

So 2016, everyone says it was shit, and I certainly had some heartbreak and upset, but funnily enough as I review my year I realise I had a lot of fabulousness and fun and great things happen.

So the bad, sooooo many people died and died unexpectedly this year – I’m still not over Bowie or Prince. They were both my touchstones for so very long, the thought they are no long there creating, well I have yet to come to terms with it! Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Garry Shandling, Sharon Jones, Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds. I know there were more, but these guys really struck a cord!

And my good friend and mentor, Simon, passed away at 60, I still cannot really believe he is gone. Too tragic.

Then there was politics, world events and such, the less said the better!  But good god we've (well, not actually me) fucked up the world badly and it makes me equal parts angry and equal parts scared.

Work had its moments, but boy I learnt a lot and my team are so tight and adorable, I don’t know what I’d do without them!

And my mental health had it’s moments too, back in therapy later in the year. But there’s no shame in that, I find it so very helpful and wish more would utilise it.

My love life had some lows, but with lows there are really not so bad!!!

But what about the good!?!

I call 2016: The Year of Art. I was lucky enough to see a lot of amazing art and I find calming and good for the soul.

I got the NBN and Foxtel and loving both!

I finally got all my art framed and hung.

I went to the Newcastle and Sydney Writer’s Festival.

I holidayed at Melbourne twice, and The Entrance and participated in Wuthering Heights Day.

I walked from my place to Lake Cinema at Boolaroo and back!

I ate out a lot, spent time with my fabulous friends and family, got out and explored my neighbourhood.

I learnt Yoga and how to crochet, and continued to declutter my place.

I attended my school reunion, hosted Share The Story with Carol Duncan and many exciting people, worked on a team revitalising the physical environment of all our libraries. Swansea Library has it’s 10th anniversary and we celebrated with many exciting events, and I got to meet Thomas Keneally and William McInnes.

I also hosted my lovely friend Anita Heiss as she toured her latest amazing book.

And sooo much ain’t so bad you know!!!

So I hope there will be more fun and excitement (the good type) for 2017 with health and happiness, and hopefully some great dates with interesting men!

I wish everyone I know the same and send love and hugs to my close inner circle of friends, especially C and J, who really went above and beyond taking care of me during my time of need(s) this year!!!

And to end as always, here are some of my favourite pics from this year...

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