Sunday, March 19, 2017


Ahhh February, you were a bit rough.

Firstly there was the weather, oh vey. I have always said any day about 18/20 degrees is a bad one, so you decided to average high 30s to 40s. Fucking fabulous! Especially when my workplace is NOT air-conditioned. Nothing like feeling sweat drip down your back into your butt crack before 9 in the morning and knowing that by the end of the day you will look and feel like a hobo.

Finally, after 11 years of trauma, the extra intensity of the heat this year, has got us on the road to some solutions. So that is something!!!

The heat left me really fatigued and tired, thank goodness for air-con at home. The month had me pretty much listless and napping at every opportunity.

Secondly, February was pretty crappy for a few of my friends. I did my very best to help keep them going through rough times.

Sometimes the universe (sometimes she says, seems like my entire life!) sends you rough times to see how you cope. And funnily enough, despite it all, the black dog stayed away! I was exhausted sure and slept a lot...but somehow that bastard stayed underground. And for that I am extremely grateful.

So the month was fairly quiet!

Of course I was in deep Oscar mode in February seeing loads of movies. This culminated in the weirdest Oscars ever at the end of the month.

Manchester by Sea, Hidden Figures, Fences, Arrival, Moonlight.

Oscar Predictions

Oscar Review

My favourite customer at work, Doug, turned 100 and he was deservedly toast of the town!

My work bookclub discussed the wonderful Jasper Jones and Bibliotweeps discussed Stephen King's Different Seasons.

I also attended the launch of Newcastle Writers Festival and am excited about a great program in April!

Jayne and I also had a great Galentine's Day by heading out to The Edwards for dinner and some fun!

And of course the usual reviews of books, film, music etc.

And only a few extra pics.

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