Sunday, July 16, 2017


June, whilst still busy, was a little quieter than May. Whilst I love getting out and discovering things and being with my friends, I am an introvert at heart and need my down time, my alone time, time to think and dream and meditate and recharge, so I slowly made my way back to a little winter hibernation.

Health wise my anxiety was on the rise, though not so bad, and I had some moments of feeling low, but the bounce back on both was pretty good, so that is always important. But I have done a real number on my right knee. My poor ole right knee has always been a problem since my gawky pre teen age where i fell over a lot, and has moved to a bit of arthritis and other things. Nothing sinister or too painful, just always not quite right, and sometimes a little more than not quite right. I twisted it and one half of my leg went with the twist and the other stayed, urgh. That was a few months back and because I was busy I was slack on getting it looked at. My Osteopath is a genius, but this is taking some time to mend this time. Plus the more I hobble on it, the more it puts other joints out. I feel old and horrid, it is not great, but I am managing and it is very slowly getting better. I suspect the cold weather is not helping.

But enough of the whinge, what have I been doing?

I started the month with the exceptional indigenous play, The 7 Stages of Grieving, written by the magnificent Deborah Mailman and Wesley Enoch this is a wonderful shortish play about place and family. It gave you pause for thought and a little bit of sadness that in the decade or so since the play was written not much has changed.

I caught Daniel Champagne at The Commons, with A and L. What a charismatic performer and unique guitar player he is! I didn't know much about him, but was pleased I went along. It was a great little mid week injection of original music.

A, L and I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Sarah Blasko at 48 Watt Street. I had not been there for a concert, but what a special venue. L and I had dinner there prior and it was amazing, the back hall set up beautifully and we were fed good solid, winter food. We then took front seats in the church for the concert. What a stunning setting. The only annoying thing was the crowd was very disrespectful to the musicians, talking rather loudly throughout the concert. Sarah had to ask them to be quiet on more than one occasion, it was terribly embarrassing. But she was outstanding, singing a mix of new and old, just her, a guitar, a uke and her keyboards. Plus the most striking outfit that worked wonders in the eerie reflective setting.

Choir continues to amaze and delight me. I was saying to a friend, in life you are never really sure of your path, but sometimes things happen and you just know this IS the path to be on, with choir that is the most certain I have ever been about anything. I am so glad I found it. 

Our choir teachers are in a duo called Jack and Jel and they performed with friends at The Sunset Studio in Mayfield. So one cold, rainy night J and I headed there, bought some yummy pasta from the takeaway within the complex, took a bottle of red and settled in for a night of folky jazz, mostly originals, and much laughter. They are stunning multi instrumental musicians and singers with a casual, cabaret feeling to their performance. We left feeling warm and happy.

The choir also participated in Newcastle's first One Song, One Sing. We joined other choirs and singers at The Edwards on a chilly Sunday afternoon and lifted the roof with our rendition of The Church's Under The Milky Way. Given we had an hour to get it together, with complicated harmonies and parts, I think we did well. The video of our performance, whilst great, doesn't really show the joy and excitement (and nervousness) of such a performance.

M and I saw the French play, Therese Raquin mid month. We had a lovely meal at the Clarendon prior and were really looking forward to the play. But rather than being the drama we thought it would be it played out more like a Russian melodrama, with many laughs. It wasn't bad, just not that good. Them's the breaks!!!

Work seemed to involve a lot of meetings this month, being on a few projects will get you that I guess. I will be involved in the new LMS which is exciting and scary. Learning a new system, and teaching my colleagues how to use it, will keep me (and others) out of trouble for the next year or so! Mostly things are moving well, busy, productive, and happy.

Have had some lovely family gatherings, to see my niece and nephew play soccer, and to celebrate Mum's 70th this month.

And C and I saw Wonder Woman, what a great film. As a huge WW fan, I was very impressed, and I do not impress easily!!! PLus always fab to spend time with my bestie, having had yummy Thai prior!
Here are my reviews for the month.

And some pics.

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