Friday, April 6, 2018


I have joined February and March together, as I was convalescing from Surgery for a few weeks in the middle of these months and therefore didn't do much.

So yeah, I had Breast Cancer, it was awful but so quickly resolved I am still reeling. Science is a remarkable thing and early detection meant I was cancer free exactly ONE MONTH later. You can read all about my experience here.

Work was still crazy busy with loads of training and meetings in the lead up to our computer system. All of which I had to abandon upon my diagnosis.

But February started well, meeting Tania for a catch up at The Central and listened to a great set of vinyl DJing from Reggae Got Soul. Loads of soul music from the 60s and 70s.

I spent an afternoon in Hamilton, waiting for my car to be serviced.

I caught up with Belinda and Anna at Rustica for a lovely lunch overlooking the beach.

I headed to Sydney to meet my lovely cousin, Demi, for a day of Art at NSW Art Gallery, you can read about that here.

Jayne and I headed to Hamilton to see my friend's band, Precious Little play.

I also took a run up to Tanilba Bay, so beautiful.

Plus the usual markets and choir, with us singing Powderfinger at 48 Watt Street!

March commenced with The Oscars and it was a great day, despite being overshadowed by cancer.

Cathy and I had dinner out and saw the brilliant Black Panther on the eve of all my medical stuff. We both loved the movie, was kick arse and featured soo many strong women it was incredibly moving.

And thus began my healing.

However, I had many lovely visitors, and a few people break me out of what felt like House Arrest.

Jayne collected me so we could see the ever astonishing Steve Smyth perform at 48 Watt Street. I also had a few lunches and morning teas out.

Of course this down time gave me plenty of time to read and watch.
You can read about February and March Reviews here.

And the usual pics

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