Sunday, May 20, 2018


I've been a fan of Kate Miller-Heidke since I heard her debut single, appropriately named Words. And yet, I have never seen her live. The planets just never aligned until the other night.

She did a one night only at The Spiegeltent in Civic Park and I purchased a solo ticket figuring someone I knew would be there!

And there were, many.

I met friends for drinks prior and we made our way out to the tent. The sun was setting, fairy lights were twinkling, and anticipation was in the air...along with quite the breeze!

The tent filled up fast but we got seats to the right of stage on the back row (there is lucky to be 8 rows in The Spiegeltent -basically meaning all seats are great seats).

We didn't have long to wait and out she popped with her husband, as always, on guitar, and this time a string quartet and a back up singer, a lovely indigenous girl with a beautiful operatic voice.

Kate herself was stunning, in a one of her amazing headpieces and quirky stage outfits. She has such a presence on stage, mostly with that amazing voice, but also in her presentation. 

Her songs are unique and tell the most amazing stories, with pure pop, a little classical, and a lot on operatic tone. 

She sung almost everything you could think of, including the fabulous, You've Underestimated Me Dude, and Caught in the Crowd, which will always bring a tear to my eye. Both such clever commentaries on life.

Also added was the operatic climax to The Rabbits, an opera about white settlement, which she wrote the music to with Keir, her husband. Her back up singer, was the lead in the show.

She also showcased one of the Muriel's Wedding songs, which was wonderful, funny and poignant. She truly was the most perfect person to write that stage soundtrack.

She even did a wonderful pulled back version of I Want to Dance With Somebody.

Towards the end of the show, she brought out the wonderful William Barton on Didgeridoo, the result was pure magic.

I was overcome many times during the show, a lyric, a note, she knows how to get in and pull those emotional strings genuinely, and I do not mind a moment!

The Last Day on Earth was her encore, my favourite song, a truly beautiful one. I sobbed like a child I don't mind saying, and I just wanted more.

But the almost 90 minutes we got was sheer perfection, I'll be back for more next time.

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