Friday, April 19, 2019


March is when things started to turn around for me!

Well, health wise and socially. Work is still very challenging as we are in the middle of a brutal restructure. 

I had my 3 month Kidney check up after an awful scare late last year and as predicted by my lovely specialist things were all resolved and a-ok. What a relief. The following week, I had my first proper Breast Check since my cancer and surgery and radiation, and it was also all clear. Not without drama mind you, they found a suspicious lump and I had to have a biopsy - I cannot begin to tell you how frightened I was - but it was simply a cyst that drained itself as my lovely Doctor biopsied it. Double Phew.

So that is one year clear from Cancer. My legs are healing, there are still marks and I do find that upsetting, I may be scarred there for a long while, but at least I am here to whine about that. And other than some moments of feeling tired (although that is getting much less than it was) I am feeling better than I have in a long long time. Mentally and physically.

This is me, so very relieved I am ok!

I had this one day in the middle of the month where I felt so good it was unbelievable, the next day I came down with a head cold lol!

But even that is gone now too!

And with this better health, it means I can get out and about more and this I did!

Our lovely Bookclub commenced for the year at the beginning of the month with Bridge Of Clay, the long awaited follow up to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Whilst we all enjoyed the book, we found it a poor follow up, but I guess that was always going to be the case. Very difficult for anyone to follow up a masterpiece, which The Book Thief undoubtedly is!

One Song Sing was at The Station, our first outdoor one, singing Listen to the Music by The Doobie Brothers, and as always it was sheer and utter joy!

I took some time from work to attend a work function, Suri Gentill spoke about her series of mystery books set in the 40s at Belmont Library. Suri has had the most interesting life and how she researches and put together her books was inspirational.

My lovely friend J turned 50, so we headed out for dinner and cocktails to celebrate. J is such a great friend, I don't know what I would do without her, she is fierce, intelligent, and gorgeous and a continual inspiration to me. And she does 50 brilliantly!!

I spent time on the couch taking in the fun that is the Melbourne F1 weekend.

C and I visited Newcastle Art Gallery and indulged at Coco Monde.

I spent some late afternoons at the beach and eating Popolo Gelato!

Mid month I heard my lovely friend Doug had passed away, at 102 no less, and I wrote a tribute to one the best people I know!

There was the Fringe Festival and we caught 2 events.

Love/Hate Actually was a fun performance of 2 girls going over the pros and cons of the classic Christmas film, it was hilarious.

We also saw a Prince tribute show that was brilliant. Forever in my Life was a one hour show by Michael Wheatley singing Prince songs and telling stories about the impact of the great one on his life.

I finally caught up with my good friend R, we long lunched and chatted at Murray's Beach on a drizzly Saturday afternoon, and he brought me the most wonderful bunch of flowers he had created himself!!

The month ended with a road trip to Shoal Bay for One Song Sing and Fleetwood Mac. It was the most glorious day and singing Don't Stop was sheer joy.

Life is good my friends, you gotta make the most of it.

Of course, there was the usual markets, and soccer returned!

My reviews.

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