Monday, July 15, 2019


Things have been busy and time has gotten away from me, so here's three months in one!!!

Work has been busy and crazy and we are still in the eye of the storm with the restructure. I did have two weeks off around Easter which was most needed.

My health is almost back on track, just a little tired still and whilst my legs are mostly healed, there are still scars and marks that I hope will fade with time, if not, I'm off to the tattooist! So now I need to work on my fitness...sigh...

April commenced with the Newcastle Writers Festival, my favourite yearly event.

I went to my first French Friday for the year, now held at Kotara Event Cinema, and it was great. En Liberte was a black comedy about a widow who finds out her hero detective husband was not the hero everyone thought he was. In fact, he put an innocent man away to cover for his own wrongdoings. She decides, for the sake of their son, to put things right. 

Mid month I had two weeks break and headed to Sydney for a little stay away and to see Iggy Pop. I spent time wandering The Rocks and Circular Quay, indulged in some lovely meals, caught up with friends, and saw Iggy at The Opera House with good friends. It was a great break and a relaxing start to my holidays.

Cathy and I caught up for an Easter brunch at Awaba House.

Amanda was home for Easter, and we had loads of family celebrations including Easter, Mum and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary, and Karen's birthday.

I also had a lovely day at Newcastle Beach and another with Jen at Morpeth.

In between I rested, read, and just chilled.

Work did some live broadcasts of the Sydney Writers Festival which was great.

I saw Ben Quilty and Julian Burnside, talking about his work (and book) with Syrian refugee children. I am such a fan of Ben's, his work, and his humanity. If every man was half the man Ben is, we wouldn't be in such a mess!

David Marr spoke about his splendid career with his book of written highlights, My Country. I could listen to Marr talk forever, that brain, that passion!!

Simon Schama spoke about his latest book on The Jews and history, again, intelligence and passion!

Meg Wolitzer was a delight, that middle aged Jewish comedian. She wrote The Wife that was turned into the movie with Glenn Close, her new book The Female Persuasion is a feminist work of fiction that sounds fabulous. She also name dropped Nora Ephron as a friend.

David Marr was back, this time interviewing Andrew Sean Greer about his Pulitzer winning book, Less. This was a grand interview and a meeting of the minds indeed. I laughed so much. I also found out Edmund White was his thesis advisor and they became good friends, oh my!!! Greer likes to find painful things and turn them into comedy, he says this is why good comedy is difficult and rare. They also spoke about names in the book, and he said he heard that Jonathan Lethem has a book of names he uses.

May's One Song Sing was at Momo Foods, and we did Lady Gaga's Shallow from A Star is Born.

I visited Maitland Art Gallery, hoped in vain for Kate Miller-Heidke at Eurovision, and was gutted by our federal election.

My love life took a positive turn out of nowhere and then turned negative out of nowhere. It was a lovely little bubble for a short period of time, but was very disheartening to exit, and set my mental health back considerably. After all I have been through this past year or so, I may have jumped back into dating too soon, and was too blind. Mind you, hindsight is a beautiful thing, and look, I'm not perfect!! It took me a little while to recover but I am a-ok. Just need to work out why I keep attracting men that take advantage...sigh. But I gotta be me and I think kind and open people will always attract that sort of person, grrr, just gotta filter better. However, I remain ever hopeful because what is the point of life otherwise!? And all experiences are good for growing, and for my writing!!

There was the French Film Festival where I saw Sink or Swim on opening night (along with the usual French Marketplace, yummo). Sink or Swim was brilliant, a comedy about a group of middle aged men who take up synchronised swimming. Dilili in Paris was a children's animated that covered the history of Paris which was really sweet. The World is Yours was a great black comedy with Isabelle Adjani and Vincent Cassel. Set against the backdrop of crime and drugs and swindling deals, a young man tries to make it good but is constantly distracted. 

Had a great meal at the Thai place at the rooftop at Kotara near the cinemas, best Thai I have ever had in fact!

I'm finally back at Film Society but only caught one film so far, lol, Everybody Knows. A Spanish drama starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, about family secrets, drama and a kidnapping.

I finally saw The Avengers, Endgame mid month with Cathy. What a roller-coaster ride that was, fun and sad and utterly enjoyable!

And after years of wanting to headed into the basement at The Grand Hotel for their Tuesday night Jazz night. I loved the set up so much, I will definitely be back.

And May ended with the James Drinkwater exhibition opening at Newcastle Art Gallery. What a fabulous exhibition it was and an exciting opening.

During April/May I watched the final season of Game of Thrones. What a wild ride that was, easily the best television/visuals I have ever seen. Each episode upped itself and had me on the edge of my seat, I was more than impressed.. Unfortunately the final episode was a bit of a downturn but still in all, it was a superb ending to one of the best shows I have ever watched. There still feels like something is missing in my life, lol.

June commenced with Bookclub and a wonderful lunch at the Criterion Pub at Carrington with my gals, we had a fabulous lunch, chatter and catch up.

After a better look at the James Drinkwater exhibition (so many people on opening night) I attended a brilliant Edith Piaf show as part of the Speigeltent season. We all really enjoyed the show and raved over the singer who spoke about Edith's life and pottered the show with songs. Her voice was magnificent and you felt as if you had met Edith herself. Dinner at Benjamas Thai was a good way to end a great night.

Caught up with Mary for a great tapas dinner at Warners Bay Tavern.

Spent time with family and the animals which is always perfect.

Linda and I saw Nancy and Beth at Lizottes, had a great meal and the show was so very good, funny and bawdy, tender and stunning. These girls are so very good, I left feeling lifted and great.

There was an impromptu One Song Sing for Make Music Day. We sang Sia's Chandelier on a chilly late afternoon in Wheeler place and we made the papers, radio and tele!!! Then we headed to Wombat to to celebrate Alice's birthday. Was a great afternoon/evening.

I caught the film, Rocketman, which I enjoyed despite the structure of the film and the mistakes within. The music was everything of course, and the acting and the costumes.

We went to our local for Mum's birthday.

I gave one of my Social Media for Seniors talks at Morisset Library and attended a conference on the GLAM sector for work.

Also had a day off mid week and sat and whale watched at Bar Beach and caught up with Jayne for lunch at the Mary Ellen.

The month ended with a big concert featuring all the classes/groups from Sum of the Parts, who run my choir. Our choir lacked in numbers that day, but we made up for it in heart and soul and sounded great! What a lovely afternoon with this gorgeous community I am so lucky to be part of.

I also did the usual markets and soccer.

And here are my reviews for April and May and June.

So you know, while work and my love life feel like a right-off at the moment, the rest of my life (albeit a small part of it) is great. I am so very lucky to have a close, supportive, and beautiful family. And I have such a great, close knit, stunning group of friends, that is expanding with my musical community, I feel so very blessed (and I hate the overuse of that word) to have such love and support in my life. Without you all, I would not be in a great way. You lift me and love me and I am humbled and offer you my everything in return.

Here are the usual pics...

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