Monday, March 12, 2018


What I’ve Been Reading

The Walking Dead Graphic Novels – I have been enjoying reading these, very different to the show,  but good all the same
Vanity Fair – the one magazine I buy and therefore, I flip through when I buy them, but then they get stacked unread, so I am catching up. Always quality and interesting articles, from politics to history, to Hollywood and entertainment.
The New Yorker  - the other magazine I really love, but rarely buy because it is so expensive, but i got a really cheap sub deal for 3 months (gateway drug for sure!) and have been loving collecting them from the my letterbox each week. Super quality articles, interesting fiction, and a taste of my beloved New York.

Yeah, not much else, I have been very busy and lost my reading mojo so to speak., despite having a huge stack of interesting books to read.

What I’ve Been Watching

Scandal S4 – I do like this despite its melodramatic nature. The casting is solid, and the stories fun. I still don’t get Olivia Pope’s attraction to the president, to me that has been and always will be the weak link of the show. He is a dope, why?
Riverdale S1 – I really loved this remake of the Archie Comics. Sure its a teen show and it ain’t no Buffy, but it was light and fun, and Luke Perry is Archie’s Dad, so yay!
Nashville S6 -  total soap opera, but the music is great, sucked in and I don’t care, it’s fun.
Call the Midwife S7 – still a delight to watch, great stories and acting.
X-Files S2 (reboot) -  I love this show so much and the S1 reboot didn’t quite live up to expectations, S2 seems to be doing much better.
Britannica S1 – this is meant to be the new Games of Thrones, it isn’t but it IS good all the same. Set in the early Roman times, when they are raging over land.
Mosaic – this is a great murder mystery from Steven Soderburgh, starring Sharon Stones. HIghly recommend
Divorce S2 – a little less black than S1, this Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church comedy really grows on you, it beautifully written, very funny and worth watching
Better Things S1 –  I love this show so very much, takes a few episodes to get into. Focuses on Pamela Adlon as a single Mum of three girls, who is a jobbing actor with her crazy mother living next door. A poignant comedy, Adlon knocks it out the park. I cannot recommend this enough
No Activity S1/2 – this is a great little Australian cop comedy with Patrick Brammall and Darren Gilshenan on a perpetual stake out.
Masterpiece with Alan Titchmarsh – this may well be my favourite show on TV, essentially an antiques game show, with couples trying to pick the most expensive antique or guess prices. Each show has a section filmed in a grand estate home in England. Just swoonworthy homes and antiques really.
Viceroy’s House – quaint costume drama about the English in India, just before independence, with Gillian Anderson and Hugh Bonneville.
Marina Abramovic: the artist is present – I have been busting to see this documentary for ages, as I am a huge fan of the amazing performance artist. This documents her ground breaking show, The Artist is Present, and delves into her history, especially with her fellow performance artist and ex, Uri. If you want a taste of her life or don’t know much, this is a great way to find out about her. If you are a fan, this is everything, it is just wonderful!

What I’ve Been Listening To

Paul Kelly, Life is Fine –  this is really really really fine, quite lovely in fact. Kelly just gets better with age. That voice, those stories...
First Aid Kit, Drunken Trees EP – brilliant of course.
Neil Young, Hitchhikers – Young is pumping them out, def not his best, but still worth listening to
Beck, Colours – more pop than you’d expect, not bad.
U2, Brand New Day – dull as dishwater, oh Bono, what on earth happened!?
Paloma Faith, The Architect – loved this, excellent
Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold – Thrashier than I would prefer, but still good.
Richard Fidler Podcasts - I rarely get to listen to these live, so have loaded up an USB and have been just loving each and every one of them, the famous, the not so famous, these hour interviews are fascinating, upsetting, hilarious, and everything and great company driving to and from work!

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