Sunday, July 31, 2022


What I've Been Reading

The Luminous Solution by Charlotte Wood

This was a fascinating book about writing and sharing of wisdom from being an artist. It also included some enlightening and funny details about ageing, and some details about behind the scenes of writing her wonderful books.

You've got to be Kidding: a shedload of wine and a farm full of goats by Todd Alexander

This is the follow up to Todd's first book, what happened next. Todd and his partner settle into their farm and their business heats up...literally. There is also loads of hilarious and sometimes poignant stories about animals. Such a joyous read, I cannot recommend highly enough.

Archie 100: a Century of the Archibald Prize

A fabulous coffee table book with 100 of the best - not necessarily the winners - portraits that describe the Archibald Prize over it's 100 year history. Also stories behind the artist and their sitter. Just glorious!

The Exhibitionists: a history of Sydney's Art Gallery of New South Wales by Steven Miller

This feels like a counterpiece to Archie 100, with a fascinating history of the NSW Art Gallery, told chronologically but also by exhibition and by key new pieces bought for the collection, how and why. 

Sex, Lies and Question Time by Kate Ellis

I listened to this on talking book, and was fascinated and shocked about Kate's stories of her time in politics. I didn't know a lot about her background and full time in politics. Of course, she was treated abominably, but even so, it was shocking to hear.

Revhead: my life as a motoring tragic by Shane Jacobson

This was a little talking book, read by Shane himself. It was about his life in cars. I am a bit of a car person - which you would never know - not necessarily a revhead, But I appreciate cars and car racing. So his stories were fabulous, from his first car to working with cars on movie and tv sets, and doing Top Gear Australia. Whilst it is not a full autobiography, it certainly covers aspects of his life and work. A real raconteur, this is a great listen. 

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel is a young African American, with a popular podcast called Uncomfortable Conversations, and I listened to the talking book of the book based on the podcast! He is great in getting his points across, easy to understand, and highly educational yet very listenable. Worth checking it out!

What I've Been Watching


A fabulous mini-series about Julia Child and how she originally got on tele. It shows the behind the scenes of how she revolutionalised cooking on television. Sarah Lancashire is utterly brilliant as Julia, and she had a formibable supporting cast, David Hyde-Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth, Judith Light, and Isabella Rossellini.

The Flight Attendant S2 

This such an underrated gem. Caley Kuoco is so very good as a kooky flight attendant who finds herself caught up in murder and espionage. We know she can do kooky and physical comedy from Big Bang, but she adds drama and pathos in this role. She also plays versions of herself which shows next level acting. It is difficult to talk about S2 without spoilers, but she is still a flight attendant, but is now working part time for the CIA. She is more responsible and getting her life together...or is she. This show is all killer, no filler, it flies along and makes you yearn for the following episode. I watched it week to week, rather than binging. Great supporting cast, clever storylines, and a very very special guest star with a  strong connect to Caley's Cassie. Those episodes scream Emmy. I was a little disappointed with ending, I saw it coming a mile off, and then there was another little add on that I guess was to make up for the ending, that I didn't see, but was completely unnecessary. But even so, it was grand watching!

Our Flag Means Death

Do we need more Taika Waititi, you better believe it!! Taika is Blackbeard, and easily the star of the show. He just lifts every scene. Our Flag Means Death is about a motley crew of pirates led by the effeminate Stede, played by Rhys Darby. They are all a bit crap at being pirates, but then Blackbeard comes along and is having doubts about his pirate career, and is a bit depressed. He decides to help Stede be a better pirate. Hilarity ensues. This is sheer delight, go get it now! 

Wellington Paranormal S4

I love this show, but it is starting to feel a little stale. Set in Wellington NZ with the paranormal police section. A documentary film crew follows the cops as they investigate the many odd occurrences in Wellington.

Sanditon S2

S2 picks up some time after S1, and starts with heartbreak, no spoilers here. The work on the resort is continuing, Charlotte returns with her younger sister in tow, the Army are in town (cue gorgeous men...possibilities!), and a few new mysterious characters. This is such a lovely show, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Atlanta S3

Woah, the wait was totally worth it. Glover pushes the boundaries and then some this season. Paper Boi is on tour in Europe, Darius, Van and Earnie are with him. They run into some eye opening people, and events, and cultures. But this thread is not every episode, there are some one off eps that really push those boundaries, especially in terms of racism. I love the clever gritty of this show. Zazie Beetz, who is always extraordinary, steals the final episode. 

Doctor Who

This season was fun, but I yearn for the days on one off episodes and 'monster of the week' episodes. They don't seem to go to other planets or universes anymore. I still enjoy the show, and love the energy of Jodie Whittaker, but feel like something is missing.

Tiny Oz

Cute documentary with the ever cheery Jimmy Rees, looking at all things miniature. Working on some special projects he meets artists that specialise in miniatures and follows their progress.

Blitzed: the 80s Blitz Kids Story

Documentary about the 80s nightclub in the UK, The Blitz. Featuring all the bands and artists of the day, Spandau Ballet, Boy George, Duran Duran, etc, this is a great walk down memory lane. Hear about the music, the dance, the fashion, the filmclips, the movies of that era.

This is Joan Collins

A great documentary about a great dame. Following on from her recent autobiography, Joan tells her story herself, and clips and other people's takes on the situations are included. It is a wild ride, full of drama and hilarity. And loads of information about the Dynasty ere. 


A remarkable documentary about the life of the late, great, Adrienne Shelley. Murdered when she was too young, just as her star was on the rise, it is an awful story. But prior to that moment, she was the darling on 90s indie films, and a favourite of mine. I loved her films with Hal Hartley and the gorgeous Martin Donovan. The documentary was directed by her husband, and it is incredibly powerful. It celebrates all the wonder of her life, and the murder itself,  including how the murderer was caught. Don't let the traumatic parts turn you off this doco, this is a really uplifting remarkable celebration of a joyous woman.

Free Guy

This movie was loads of fun, Free Guy is a red shirt in a computer game who becomes aware of his situation and tries to break out of it. Free Guy is, of course Ryan Reynolds, and it utterly charming. A nice escape film.

What I've Been Listening To

10CC Greatest Hits

Such a great album, well written songs, uplifting and fun

Love will be reborn - Martha Wainwright

Martha's voice is sublime, this is her first album in a while and it was totally worth the wait.

Quasimodo's Dream - The Reels

The Reels are utterly underrated, they produce various styles of good new age music, and Quasimodo's Dream is a perfect album. Their best I think.

Strangeways, Here we come - The Doors

A new vinyl score, this is a classic album that will never date.

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