Sunday, November 13, 2022


I am well behind with this, no real reason. I have been busy but my writing muse hasn't been around. I don't even know what my writing muse is anymore. Hopefully getting back into things will bring it out.

May always starts with May the 4th or May The Force, Star Wars dressing up at work and a load of fun, and this year was no exception. A week later we also celebrated Friday the 13th.

I finally got back to Choir briefly, between COVID, general flu/sinus, work it has been difficult, but when I am there the joy I experience, it should be bottled!

We spent a lovely Saturday exploring Carrington. It is a sweet little industrial town on the water. A real mix of architecture, some great pubs, and little shops. We had a great meal at the Seven Seas Hotel.

In late May we headed into the city to celebrate Andrew's 50th. He wasn't 100% happy with this age, lol, but we really made the most of it! We went to our favourite Chinese on the Friday night. We were up early to head to the NSW Art Gallery to see the Archibald on the Saturday, and then lunch with Andrew's parents.

We celebrated with supper at the top of the Sydney Tower, and the excitement of Anthony Albanese becoming our new Prime Minister!!!

I was back in Sydney in June to care for Andrew after his cataract surgery. It was fairly low key but we did get out and about. 

There was some out and about in Newcastle.

A return to One Song Sing, albeit in the rain, singing Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

I attended my final markets at Speers Point Park - they have moved to a shopping centre carpark and have lost their charm.

July was busy but quiet, we started the month seeing the Elvis movie, which was phenomenal. I headed to Andrew's for a mini break in the holidays but brought COVID back with me. It was not great, but not so bad either. It took a good 2 weeks to shake.

I went to Mystery Monday at the Commonwealth Hotel with my gals and had a fabulous mystery meal!

I also had the extreme pleasure of seeing Kate Miller-Heidke with Alex and Alastair. I love her voice so very much, she is an extraordinary performer. And this was a much waited for concert, having been cancelled many times during COVID, and she gave her all and then some. It was a stunning set list and we had great seats at Town Hall, looking down on the side of the stage. She called out a young teen from the audience (obviously pre-arranged) to sing Caught in the Crowd with her. They had everyone in tears, that song, a bloody instant classic. She also did a stunning cover of Wuthering Heights, probably one of the few people who could actually pull that song off, and she did. And a dark, deep operatic version of Paint it Black

We ended the month with Wuthering Heights Day, the first one in years, having been postponed by COVID and/or bad weather. It was our best turn up, with hundreds flocking to King Edward dressed in red as Kate, and dancing to Wuthering Heights. Such joy, I live for this day every year.

August was fairly low key with a couple of trips to Sydney.

A weeknight visit to the Press Book House for Book Club.

And my sister's farm growing with animals, which was most delightful.

There was much reviewing to be done.

You can read them here, May, June, July, August.

And plenty of additional photography.

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