Wednesday, March 15, 2023

OSCAR WATCH 2023: the next day

Well yesterday was a delight!

I used to always take the day of The Academy Awards off so as not to have anything spoiled for me. It sounds silly, but it's my thing. However, for the past few years it has fallen on my roster day, so that is good. And I have been crazy busy juggling a lot this past few months. So I slept in, and then spent the day in my PJs on the couch at Club Cathy. I even outsourced my lunch, getting in a fabulous feed of Honey Prawns. After the show finished, I took a nap, then pottered on online reading what people thought and looking at pics of the red carpet before heading for a massage. A total me day and it was divine.

I thought the show was a solid good. I have definitely seen much better - but not for a long while - but it was most certainly the best in many years.

Mainly becasue the film I wanted to win...won...but more on that later.

Jimmy Kimmell, I wasn't much of a fan the first time he hosted, but I have watched more of his tonight show since and he has really grown on me. He works because he doesn't push the envelope too much. His entrance worked, he was funny (well, he made me laugh) and his serving of Smith was just about right. He kept things flowing and didn't get in then way. I miss the days of Billy, but time marches on.

I like celebratory packages and tributes and we really didn't get any of that. They are really going to have to lift their game in 5 years when it is the 100th anniversary. I remember the 70th and 75th anniversaries and they had a huge bit where everyone they could get there that had won an Oscar lined up for a 'class' photo, it was such a wonderful and emotional moment, seeing all those amazing stars together on stage.

This was a good year for music and original song, so the performances were all amazing - Lady Ga Ga, Rhianna, David Byrne particularly.

The presenters all did their job but no one really stood out as as super entertaining.

Everyone was all where is Tom Cruise and Jim Cameron - who cares, can't stand either of them!

Poor Harrison seemed more uncomfortable than his usual self, Glenn Close was meant to be his co-presenter but couldn't make it. But it was very nice to see Indy embrace Short Round on the big stage.

Which brings me to the winners. I haven't been so delighted about the winners in a long, long time. I wish there was a tie (it's happened!) so Austin Butler could have gotten one too. My pick up until a few days out had been Brendan Fraser but the ground swell felt like it was for Austin so I changed my mind. But that is ok.

The EEAAO trio of Michelle Yeoh (who I christened Michelle Yawwwo - as in hot - many years ago when I saw her in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ke Huy Quan had me in tears. Exceptional speeches, emotional and lovely for all. Ditto for Brendan Fraser. The additional awards for EEAAO including Best Picture were icing on the cake for what was my favourite by far going into the show.

I got 16 correct which is pretty good, I have done far worse and I have done much better. I got Best Actor, Adapted Screenplay, Original Score, Costume and Make up, Production and Sound wrong. Here is a link to my predictions

The only controversial moment - that I could find - happened on the red carpet and really it was nothing. Hugh Grant has been slandered for being rude to some dopey chick asking dopey questions on the red carpet. I am not surprised about this, as those red carpet moments are usually tedious and dull when someone who knows nothing about film tries to ask 'meaningful' (sooooo not meaningful) questions. And this is what happened, like Harrison, Hugh is always a bit dour about such occasions, and always self-deprecating. So she asked a series of dopey questions where he started with a very witty comment that went completely over her head. When asked what he felt about the day he referenced it as a Vanity Fair. She thought he meant the big after party thrown by the magazine, Vanity Fair, which of course took it's name from that phrase. I think after that, he was get me out of here and answered short and quick, don't blame him. But the icing on the cake when she asked him about his role in Glass Onion and he said he was on screen for 3 seconds. I didn't even know he was in the film, so spoiler! Poor Hugh the media and I use that term very loosely do not care for him.

My favourite moments were - in no order - the Original Score winners singing their thank yous to the tune of The Carpenters, Top of the World, Jenny the donkey, Jimmy calling out his 'men' who would mess anyone up who even tried to get up on the stage a la Smith, Pedro Pascal (swoon), and David Byrne wearing the hotdog fingers (always a fan of big!) whilst singing his best song nom!

The red carpet and the Fashion was mostly sedate with whites, creams and silvers the trend of the evening, but there was some well need splashes of colour and some great suits from the men.

This, from Jessica Chastain, was my standout favourite. Fitted her perfectly, the black outline lifted the silver and made her look Ava Gardner goddess. Lovely necklace and hair work perfectly too.

My follow-up was Sandra oh, for the well-needed splash of colour, a lovely tangerine, that looked amazing on her, the draping look comfy but old hollywood, her hair fabulous as always and that necklace, oh my!

Here are the rest of my picks:

And that's a wrap for another year!

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