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So yeah, everyone's doing their year round ups and how wonderful it all was. Good for them!!!
But I have to say 2013 sucked balls!
(OK some really cool things happened too, and I will get to that!)
I saw a lot of shit happen to people that simply don't deserve it, and I have no idea what I learnt from that except that life is short so live large!
Or Life is Shit, I guess it depends on how you are feeling at the time!
I myself had a goodish year so I guess I was lucky, but things happened that pissed me off, and people disappointed me.
An aside: I will never get over how lacking in foresight some people are, but really is that anything new? No! and whilst it might stop me short and make me sad, I will never let those types of experiences, no matter how hurtful, stop me from being me! Those people can kiss my arse, hilariously they will probably never realise the bad ripple effect they have had, which kinda says it all!
And of course there was politics, the less said about that schmoozle the better!!
But for the most part it was good, and I think that is it, life gives you challenges and you have to just work through them, or be kind and help others work through them. I've been to more funerals this year than I want to remember, and there are no words for that. I miss my Aunty Marie dreadfully, and I know a lot of people close to me are missing loved ones too.

People - be good and kind to those around you, don't take people for granted, check in on them, make sure they are ok, give them a hug, and make sure you live your life as you wish to live it.
Do all the things!
Which bring me to my 42 things! 
At the very beginning of 2013 I made my 42 things to do while I'm 42 list.

Well I'm another year older and the year is almost at a close, so I guess I should see how I've done.

I nailed 26 of the 42, sort of attempted 7, and didn't manage 9, which I think is pretty darn good.

Which ones were which, well you should have been paying attention to my monthly round ups! 

The year was full of amazing and exciting events, and for once work was mostly great and actually fun.  

So, what were my highlights? 

No overseas trips this year, but I had 4 mini trips away (Port Macquarie, Tweed Heads, Melbourne, and Burleigh Heads) and I spent a lot of time exploring my own city. That included lots of cafes, restaurants, walks, gallery openings, markets and festivals. Le Passe Temps, Agosti, Talulahs, and Royal Inn being favourites. Oh, and the Donna Summer at MoneyPenny was divine. 

I said I wanted work to be fun, and it was! I started a Writing Group, which led to my favourite borrower Doug being a TV star at 96. We had fun workshops like drumming, and had amazing people visit like David Astle and Tony Park. We even got a 3D printer, but mostly just enjoyed the days and had lots of laughs. I've never felt so relaxed and enjoyed work as much as I have this year. 

I saw a lot of Gallery exhibits, becoming a member of the Newcastle Art Gallery, and seeing exhibits like the Darnell Collection and Brett Whiteley, meeting Wendy Whiteley no less! I saw Christo at Lake Macquarie Art Gallery, Monet, Hollywood Costumes and Geoffrey Rush in Melbourne. 

So many amazing events to attend, King Kong the musical, Frankenstein the play, Empire in the Spiegeltent, and Doctor Who on the Big Screen, just to name a few. Plus the inaugural Newcastle Writers Festival, and more Film Festivals than I can remember. And Tweet Ups, formal and informal, Tweeps were everywhere and thank goodness for that!! 

I made new friends! They say it's harder as you get older. But you know what, I find it easier! 

I drove a Doug Anthony All Star in my car!!!! 

I succumbed to instagram and took a LOT of photos, I joined/hosted a Bookclub and read a lot. I went to movies, and concerts, watched DVDs and television.  

Please see previous blog about my Top Tens for the year: 

But mostly I did all of this with friends, old and new, fabulous people, each and every one. Blessed I am to have such a wonderful group of friends and family. They had my back when I needed it and I had theirs. What I most look forward to heading into 2014 is spending more time with all of you!! 

As per last year, I am done with New Years Resolutions, I like the idea of things to do for the year though. This year I'm doing it a little differently, 5 (well technically only three) Projects and 10 things. Let me explain: 

Project 42 for Life
Sounds good huh?
No, I haven't found out how to stop ageing, I actually mean all the cool things I started to do regularly from my 42 things list. I want to continue doing them and I think I will. Most are ingrained in me now; farmers markets, eating and drinking out more, exploring my own backyard, taking time to smell the roses and just watch the world go by, attending galleries, festivals, concerts and the like, going off the grid (no electronics), write more, be creative, daydream, have fun, trust my instincts, and surprise myself.

Project Cathy
I'm working on a list of stuff in terms of helping improve me, inside and out! I plan on spending at least 40mins every day on me. Be it a walk, the gym, a swim, meditation, a soak in the tub, a facial etc. Maybe I'll learn a Cathy friendly 'sport' or yoga or something. I'm not sure and I won't be sharing, cause I need to be frank, hearing about people's 'journeys', especially in terms of physical stuff makes me want to vomit, so I shan't inflict mine on you! Just know I shall be trying, and that's about all one can do with such things. 

Project declutter and revamp
This is far more interesting (or maybe not!?!). Club Cathy will be getting a well deserved overhaul. Every nook and cranny will be gone through and assessed for giving away, chucking or keeping. I do not have a plan yet and won't be starting this project until Feb, so I have a month to get a list or two happening. I need new storage, I need new furniture, I need to streamline and declutter and I feel this cleaner, smarter environment will make my life easier. So I guess we shall see, I had planned on starting this as such in 2013 but it was just too of my fails on the 42 things. 

Project Read
I have a lot of books, I borrow a lot of books from work. I am a Librarian, this is what we do. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of books I have lying around. I think decluttering and shelving items better will be a great start, but I need a plan. I am working on a plan of reading. Something that gives me scope for movement. I have a list of books I really want to read, new, old, classics, difficult. I am going to work on a list of what ones I will try to knock over this year. I will also try to read a certain amount every day, say 100 pages. I am yet to work out the details, I will blog about it. I do know it will include Dickens, Murakami, Mantel, Tartt, and either Proust or Dante.  

Project Sunday
This is really easy, take 30mins to plan my week ahead allowing time for the projects above and the items below, plus everyday stuff and relaxing. I'm organised in my work life, why not spill it over into my personal life. I waste time procrastinating or spend too much time on some things and not others. This is not scheduling every waking moment, but allowing my life to have more balance. 

10 Things
These are specific goals to do at least once:

1. Holiday Photos - print, put into album, and frame some.

2. Learn a new instrument, unsure, looking at either Ukulele or harmonica.

3. Swim at night at the Ocean Baths or Merewether Baths (or both)

4. Walk to Boolaroo Cinema, see a movie, and walk home.

5. Rewrite and expand on my European Vacation Blog.

6. Take another writing course.

7. Teach my niece to play the guitar and take my nephew to more galleries.

8. Road trip to visit Wendy Whiteley's garden.

9. Mini trip later in the year, and start to think/plan next Overseas holiday.

10. Buy an ipod (quelle horreur) to downsize my CD collection. 

Oh and maybe finish knitting that scarf I started 4 winters of my 'failures' from the 42 things... 
I hope everyone has the most magnificent and magical New Year filled with love, peace, health, and happiness doing all the things you enjoy.
Here is the final sunset of 2013, taken from my driveway. 


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