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December is always busy, and this year was no exception, except I was juggling a heavier work load and some mental health issues on top of it all. But you know what, I survived, cause sometimes you just need to amp up your super woman quantities!!! This is not to say, I didn't have dark moments, because I did. Oh boy, there were days I would have rather stayed in bed to sleep or cry all day, cause the mean reds will do that to you. But I had to get up and get moving, because I had no alternative. Sure I came home and usually fell into a heap but I got by and am starting to feel like me again. I am by no means back to normal (whatever the hell that is), but I am close. And for that I am grateful.
Each time I 'fall over', and this time I fell further than I have in a long, long time, possibly ever, I wonder if it's the last hit, and will I have the strength to pull myself back up again, but bizarrely I seem to. This, of course, is with the supreme support of key people; family and friends and you know who you are. You listen, and are kind and sweet, and honest and to the point when I need it. I know how lucky I am, cause without these beautiful people I know I wouldn't have half the strength I have. This time of the year has always been a struggle for me, cause as a single person navigating the festive period can be difficult, add a birthday in there too (I was 44 on Boxing Day...yep, I am really, really old!), and it really can be traumatic. And the way I was feeling this year, I admit I was worried...and I think others were too...
But I am pleased to report I had the best Christmas and Birthday that I have had in a long time. Possibly as I had no expectations and thought I would cry the whole way through it, lol! And not a tear was shed, to be honest I doubt I have any left in me. And with each day I gain more and more of myself back. It's not easy, but I am determined to have a good start to 2015, because I really fucking deserve it!!! And as always I share this stuff because I believe in being real and maybe just maybe I can help someone. And you know what, I already have. My musings on SM, my ups and downs these past few months have helped some people. I know cause they told me. We are all the same people, deep down anyway. Be kind and careful with your your actions and words and you might find that kindness coming back to you. Of course, I will be musing about this and more in my 2014 wrap up and my 2015 hopes...stay tuned for them very soon.
I could write about politics, sieges, death, the ABC, and news in general, but I think we all feel the same. Enough and here's to good news in 2015.
So events, and fun were heightened in December, I guess that's the truth for most of us.
The lovely J cooked me dinner and it was divine, because it's just me and I am not the best cook, I always adore someone cooking for me.
The first weekend in Dec was huge, it was like I packed all my festivities into it! C and I collected my new dining table. After 18 months of looking I finally found something suitable! it came in 5 flat packs to put together, but with the help from my parents, mostly my Dad (who was champing at the bit!) it was put together with no trouble and looks amazing.

C and I then did a final Olive Tree run for the year, it's always a great excuse to chat, and laugh, and have Gozleme!
That night our wonderful Bibliotweeps Book Group had our Christmas party as the superb Una Volta followed by some seedy drinking at Coal and Ceder - both two new faves you must go to if not already.

The following day I met A and B for a sublime afternoon of High Tea and conversation at The Novotel. Afterwards I got to see J's new digs, then we had a night of fun, driving in a storm, dinner at our fave Saigon Feast, hot chocs at Coco Mondo, and a movie at The Towers, Men, Women and Children - it was very good, in particular Adam Sandler and the two main kids. Wonderful themes of technology and space and trouble and growing up.

Just to keep things rolling I had Monday off, and A and I met for brunch at III Bean, and then headed into ABC Studios for our dear friend, Carol, and her last show. It was bittersweet afternoon for everyone there, most especially Carol. Yes, I may have physically pushed people out of the way when I thought JPY was in the studio, but you know, my feelings were all over the place! Not a dry eye in the place when Carol signed off for the final time. Our love and appreciation is still with you Carol.

That night we met at our usual family dinner haunt, The Royale Inn, to celebrate Dad's birthday.
The following weekend was our Twitter Christmas bash at my favourite building in Newcastle, The Great Northern Hotel, and their 80s night. We danced all night and had a blast, great tunes and I won a bottle of bubbly for knowing Groove is in the heart is not an 80s song (d'uh). Funniest moment of the night (and there were many) was a group of younger gals yelling at the DJ to turn the music up when Blister in the Sun does that low part. 'We're not old you know' they yelled. No fucking kidding you idiots, it's meant to be like that. Oh the hilarity!

Work was very busy as I was till working on a major project and it was complex and time consuming, but I also had time for fun. Events, local kids decorating the library, and our final film of the year, Muriel's Wedding. And a team get together at Verde Luna to celebrate being freaking amazing at what we do!! Proud of my team, they are superb.
A, L, & I helped J christen her beautiful new place with a Christmas celebration of fun, love, and friends...and leave that alone. (My mind sometimes is not fit for company!).
We also moved the big family get together from Christmas Eve to the Sunday before Christmas and hit Speers Point Park. What a great move and hopefully a new tradition.

I caught up with V, N, & C for our Christmas get together, drinks, then a meal at Heng Leong, our new fave Chinese in the old Wallsend Library.
Just as I was doing well, I fell over very badly the Monday before Christmas, but my good friend C rescued me and made me go into Merewether Baths for a cleansing night swim. And it worked, I cannot speak highly enough of a night swim or my beautiful friend C!!

I spent Christmas Eve at my sister's property, eating seafood, drinking cocktails, and enjoying the serenity, in the belly on my family. Who has time for the sads?

Christmas day was a full day of family, friends, food, laughter, excitement, napping, and presents.

My birthday was an overwhelming display of love from all the important people in my life. C and I took my nephew to see The Hobbit. Big movie releases are a birthday tradition. We loved the movie, sure there were added bits and it was a little too long, but you know it's the end of an era. Cate Blanchett was outstanding. Then family dinner with my predictable fare of Pork Belly followed by cheesecake. You gotta have your faves on your birthday.

Since then I have been relaxing, feeling great, and just enjoying my little break from work.

M took me out for a belated birthday dinner, I had another birthday morning tea with S, caught up with L in the park, enjoyed the sunshine out and about in Newcastle, and headed off to Wangi for a little spirituality, massage, and soul you do!

I feel ready to head out to an event for NYE, my first NYE out and about in many years. I usually stay at home by myself, feast on seafood, watch movies and think about the NY. I am headed to a lovely event at The Landing with J and L, I will be drinking (I am usually the driver) and I will be dressed look out!!!!!
Tomorrow I will work on my thoughts about 2014 (that will be interesting, it's been a crazy mixed up year...good and bad!) and my hopes for 2015. 

In the meantime.... Happy New Year!!!

And as always, a few extra photos:

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