Monday, December 22, 2014


As always November begins with my bil, M's birthday. We celebrated with a lunch at Raymond Terrace Bowling Club this year, and we all had a good club lunch with laughter and love.
I also had the extreme pleasure of seeing Julia Gillard on her book tour, with A, B, J, & L, and we indulged in an awesome meal after at Saigon Feast.
The charismatic C helped me begin my holidays in style at Caves Beach Hotel with the usual laughter and world solving.

The second week of my break was a bit more laid back, lunching with J at Bella Beans, and D at Hippo Express, attending the ABC Rally, shopping in the mall, seeing the Anne Frank exhibit, finally attending the Wed night markets, last book club of the year, and buying a new dining setting after 18 months of looking.

C & I also had a wonderful night out for her birthday at Casa de Loco and Grain Store. And I caught up with R & R for our usual Christmas lunch at Murray's Beach Cafe.

My last holiday 'job' was to decorate my place for Christmas.

Newcastle was in for a treat the night of the 28th, with the fantabulous Skywhale in town for one night only. A and I were also heading to see William McInnes at Newcastle Library, and he had the audience in the palm of his hands with his wonderful, witty, and poignant stories of holidaying as a kid. What a performer, what an entertainer, and what a comedian. We laughed till we cried and umm snorted (that would be me). I was also lucky enough to meet the man himself prior to the talk, he was funny and lovely and very swoon worthy. Thanks to the lovely J for making that happen. And so we joined our friends and their families to see if the magnificent beast would rise, she sort of did, but not for long. But it didn't dampen the spirit of the night, one of the most remarkable nights I have seen in Newcastle for a long time.

After such a rough month in October, I felt like I was on the mend (as it were) in November and I slowly started to feel better only to have a few things punch me in the guts late in the month. Thankfully I was mending and I wasn't knocked down for long, but the journey with the mean reds still continues. Which is a concern at this time of the year.
But as always I remain hopeful, cause what else is there if not hope.
Here are my reviews for November, being on holidays meant I got through a lot more than usual.
And some photography...


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