Saturday, February 28, 2015

OSCAR WATCH: The Fashion

Yes, the post is overdue and also completely vacuous.

But I do love great art and fashion can be great art.

To be honest all these white or cream or blush dresses are boring, I love a bit of colour and flair or something that stands out from the rest.

So these were the best of the boring.


Julianne and Reese in similar styles, though the later was actually pale blue.


Silver blue for Felicity and metallic silver for Laura.

Marion in Dior, loved the front, unsure about the back.


Lupito looked amazing as always, and Patricia divine.

And then there are the best dressed:

Emma Stone rarely gets it wrong, a true movie star. The perfect colour against her translucent skin tones and glorious red hair. 

Thank goodness for Scarlett Johansson, love the colour, the dress is perfect, and that necklace is absolutely awesome. Very modern and chic.

And this is why Cate Blanchett is a style icon, simple black, perfectly fitted dress and turquoise statement piece necklace, luminescent and a star.

And then there's Meryl

I love her style, it's in a class of her own, a go fuck off attitude that says I will wear what I like and feel comfortable in. She always looks great.

And this is my wild card pick:

The lovely lady on the left, wearing the pom pom wrap! 
Oh I love her roaring twenties style.
They won for best documentary short.
And she spoke about suicide.
Stunning all round.

And the men don't get enough attention:


Both Matthew and Ethan look cool, and their wives also should make the best dressed lists for some classic fashion.

Is it just me or does Steve Carell get better and better with age?
 I think the beard and glasses help. I'm a fan so I guess I'm biased. But really it's that smile and face loving the hell out of his wife, Nancy, that wins me over.


Jared and JK, both Oscar winners, having the time of their lives and looking sharp, each in their own way.


The 'couple' having the most fun of the night go to Jeff and Adrian.
Also the most swoon-worthy, hmm-mmm.
Never really been a fan of the white tux, but they are working it!


And no Oscars would be complete with out Benedict!!!

And so my annual Oscar Watch wraps up for 2015.
Enjoy the movies and see you next year!!!

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