Sunday, November 1, 2015

Let's Be Frank!

Back in October I had the pleasure of attending a Music Librarian Conference in Ultimo, Sydney. I am not a Music Librarian but it was an informative and useful day.

The other amazing thing I got to do that day was finally have a look at The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at the UTS.

Or the paper bag.
Or the squashed brown paper bag.
I'm an architect geek, and I adore Frank Gehry.
My love of architecture bloomed when visiting New York in 2001. I've always appreciated unusual buildings, modern or otherwise, and I had a love for Deco so of course I was in my element.

I had read a lot about NY architecture prior to visiting and when researching The Guggenheim, Gehry came up for his masterpiece in Bilbao, Spain...also a Guggenheim!
And what luck would have it but to have a Gehry retrospective on at the NY Guggenheim while I was there. I was very much taken with his miniatures, constructed out of paper, serviettes, cardboard, paddle-pop sticks, and other basic implements. All white and all fascinating.

I have kept up with his extraordinary output over the years, including one of my prize possessions, a pop up book of his designs.
When I heard he was to build something here in Sydney, I was beside myself and just busting to to check it out since it was opened.
And so late on this warm and muggy Sydney afternoon, as the sun was setting, I headed from my conference to the UTS in search of Frank!
It actually took me a while to find, funnily enough. Something so unusual, an eyesore if you believe some culturally deficient people.
And then boom, I saw it. It was striking and unusual of course, but actually blended in beautifully with other buildings in the area...cause, you know, Frank's a genius!

I stood admiring it for ages, before entering and having a good look around at the amazing stairs, and the Jenga like inside, then leaving from the other side of the building.

I made my way up to the Goods Line, a pedestrian path above it, on it's eastern border. From there you really get to see the building.

The thing about Frank is he loves curves, and I do too. This is what has always drawn me to the Deco movement, and to Gehry's buildings. Really there is nothing more lovely than curves on a building. They look spectacular and you know they are an engineering feat...this makes me smile so very much!

I also especially love the jutting windows that act as a mirror to the building's surrounds!


It is just a stunning piece of architecture and one I urge you all to see. It is a very short walk from Central Station in Sydney. 

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