Sunday, November 1, 2015


September seems so long ago now, but it started in Melbourne and how glorious that was. I was there for the Bowie exhibit, The Lion King, and The Hermitage exhibition, but I did so much more. You can read all about it here.
On my return, I still had 2 weeks of leave, I spent the first week pottering around  at home, got my bathroom painted and a few outstanding jobs completed.
I headed into Wheeler Place for the Refugees are Welcome Rally.

Because I was away for Father's Day, I took Dad, and my Mum and Sister out for lunch at Napoli Centrale, always an enjoyable Italian feast.

I caught up with B at Le Passe Temps for some afternoon tea, then wandered around the city on dusk.

I headed up to visit family on their farm.

My final week was a mix of out and about, and quiet days at home pottering.
A and I lunched at The Essential Ingredient before taking to the hilly part of the East End of Newcastle, exploring, admiring the stunning houses there, and enjoying the views before crashing at King Edward Park under the shade of some trees.

I caught up with M for brunch at Table 1 Espresso, visited J in her new digs, and head to the Playhouse with A to see No one cares about your cat.

C and I had a boozy long lunch at the new Sephardim.

And before i knew it, I had to go back to work.
Despite a busy week back at work, I squeezed in a lunch with T at Caves Beach Hotel on a wet and wild Friday.


The month ended with my niece's 8th birthday. We had a lovely celebration at their farm, and then the kids came back for some time with me. We watched much Batman, had lunch at The Hood, and watched a large ship go out to sea from Nobbys.

And some photos I took:

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