Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Ahhh January, where did you go!?

Day one ended with a hamburger and a lovely sunset.

Day two a fab day in the city, indulging and wandering about with the gorgeous C.

My new car suffered an injury, a flat tyre, quelle horreur!
I had one of those perfect days, where I walked and walked at Warners Bay and read in the sun, then headed out for a lovely evening with J seeing Suffragette and indulging in our favourite, Saigon Feast.

And then Boom, David Bowie dies and the year isn't exactly feeling shiny anymore.

But life marches on...
We entertained the kids at work by way of Star Wars, everyone had a galaxial time.

We had first movie night of the year at work, and first date of the year...not at work!
I began Oscar Watch and saw The Revenent, The Big Short, Joy, The Danish Girl, The Hateful Eight, and Carol.
I saw Sedaris at The Civic, and also Steve Smyth up close and personal with my gals.

I helped C and B celebrate milestone birthdays at Sephardim.

Later in the month I had a proper look at the Mambo exhibit and met C for a talk of the irreverence of art hosted by HG Nelson. It was brilliant.

Wild was the first book for Bibliotweeps for the year, huge turn out, loads of great discussion and a little online banter with the author herself.
I dined for one on Scotties and caught up with Catapult dance with A, L and S.

And some photos from around and about.

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