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Well tomorrow is Oscar day and here are my annual thoughts and predictions.

Despite the controversy and dramas, I still enjoy my Oscar day and I am looking forward to this one.

I've seen a lot of the films, but missed some key keepers that swung by earlier than usual.

But with what I have seen, what I have researched, and close to 20 years of film and Oscar knowledge I am feeling pretty good about it all.

As always it is about who WILL win rather than who I would like to win, and as always I give you both!

Best Picture

I've seen 7 of the 9 films nominated, missing out on Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High Water.

The front runners are La La Land and Moonlight, which Manchester by the Sea hot on their tales.

No real mention of the others.

Here is the thing the seven films I saw are outstanding and all deserved of an award, but only one will win.

I totally understand the whole race issue and whilst Moonlight was a great story, I was not as taken as others were. I don't think the academy will be too.

Who will win: La La Land

Who I want to win: La La Land or Arrival - to me there is no topping either film, both are so high, the others cannot get anywhere near them.

Best Director

There has been a lot of splits in recent years, which really mixes things up. There has a lot of talk of Kenneth Lonergan taking this and it could be the upset of the night if he does and a deserved one. But my money remains with the favourite.

Who will win:  Damien Chazelle for La La Land

Who I want to win: Damien Chazelle for La La Land or Denis Villeneuve for Arrival

Best Actor

I am torn here. I have only seen three of the five performances and it seems to be down to Denzel and Casey. (Ryan Gosling was the other performance I have seen, and it was great, but the other two were really great!)

I thought Casey had it in the bag. I am not a fan, but he blew me away with the most stunning and yet subtle performance.

I thought Denzel's performance was also great, but really thought - and still do - Casey's was better. And Denzel had already 2 Academy Awards.

Yet Denzel won the SAG, the only true indicator (although not always) of the, same people vote for both awards.

Who will win:  Denzel Washington

Who I want to win: Ryan Gosling for La La Land or Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea.

Best Actress

Again, I have only seen three of the performances, Stone, Portman, and Streep and thought they were all magnificent.

Despite some late chatter about Isabelle Huppert, Emma Stone has it in the bag, and deservingly so. I j'adore La Huppert, and I am sure it is a stunning performance, every one of her performances are stunning. So I'd be happy for an upset, but I still think Stone.

Who will win: Emma Stone for La La Land

Who I want to win: Emma Stone for La La Land

Best Supporting Actor

This is usually the wild card category - anyone could win - and is no different this year.

I've seen Ali, Hedges and Patel and the later two turned in solid performances but Ali absolutely shines in his small role as the protagonist and mentor to the young Chiron in Moonlight. He was mesmerising and you really missed his presence when he was no longer in the film. 

Who will win: Mahershala Ali for Moonlight

Who I want to win: Mahershala Ali for Moonlight

Best Supporting Actress

I've seen all these performances, and every single one was stunning. 

In particular Naomie Harris (Moonlight) and Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea) were my faves.

But this is all Viola Davis, a lock in if you will. And she was magnificent, but really it was a lead role. 

Who will win: Viola Davis for Fences

Who I want to win: Michelle Williams for Manchester by the Sea

Best Animated Feature

Not being a fan on animation, I haven't seen any of these. I was surprised Finding Dory was not nominated.

My research tells me Zootopia is the stand out, although I like the sound of Kubo and the two strings.

Who will win: Zootopia

Best Foreign Film

Always difficult as we rarely get to see any prior to the awards. All sound terrific and the initial frontrunner, the popular comedy Toni Erdmann seems to have slipped away. This is due to the refugee dramas pushed by the Tramp government.

Hence The Salesman, and Iranian film whose film maker may not be allowed in the country will probably win.

Who will win: The Salesman

Best Original Screenplay

Some amazing original material here, but it is La La Land all the way. I think it will win and I want it to. I saw that film and it was like someone had gotten into my head and written a film especially for me, which I would have thought was quite unique, but it appears many others felt the same!

Who will win: La La Land

Who I want to win: La La Land

Best Adapted Screenplay

This is a difficult one. I personally would love to see Luke Davies win for Lion. I have been quite the fan of his since I discovered his gritty poetry about ten years ago. I am thinking the transition from short story to magnificent film for Arrival was probably a tough road.

But ultimately from my research Moonlight will win.

Who will win: Moonlight

Who I want to win: Arrival or Lion

Best Costume Design

My thoughts are the costumes are an integral part of La La Land. Research says people are going nuts for Jackie and the re-creation of the blood-stained pink Chanel. Really? 

Who will win: La La Land

Who I want to win: La La Land

Best Original Song

Finally a musical, with great memorable songs

Who will win: City of Stars - La La Land

Who I want to win: City of Stars - La La Land or Audition - La La Land

Best Original Score

Who will win: La La Land

Who I want to win: La La Land

Best Documentary

No idea here, not seen any, however OJ: made in America seems to be the frontrunner.

Who will win: O.J. : Made in American

Best Documentary (Short)

As I always do, I research the shorts and come up with a guess.

Who will win: The White Helmets

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Weird bunch to choose from.

Who will win:  Star Trek Beyond

Best Production Design/Best Film Editing/Best Cinematography/Best Sound Mixing

Going for the same all round here.

Who will win: La La Land

Who I want to win: La La Land

Best Sound Editing

I was super impressed with the sound on Arrival. A lot of talk about Hacksaw Ridge - war films usually do win. I am still sticking with Arrival.

Who will win: Arrival

Who I want to win: Arrival

Best Visual Effects

I taking a guess here, and done a little bit of research.

Who will win: The Jungle Book

Best Short Film (Animated)

Who will win: Piper

Best Short Film (Live Action)

Who will win: Ennemis Interieurs

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