Tuesday, May 23, 2017


April was huge, busy, crazy, amazing, and everything else. 

My mental health has been spot on, black dog at bay, but my physical health has been something else! I've always had issues with my right knee, I fell over a lot as a kid, I have always been clumsy. And it was playing up more than usual, and rather than going to my Osteo, I kept on going on as I was busy and this pushed nearly every other muscle out of whack. So mid month, finally finding some free time, I hobbled along to my Osteo and let him weave his magic. I'm getting there!

I took some leave early April, and had a blast, with a while range of fun.

The Monday after the festival I headed for a mini break in Sydney. I'm more a Melbourne gal, but I don't mind time in Sydney. I stayed at the lovely Hyde Park Inn. 

During my time I walked a lot, took pics, did some shopping, ate some lovely meals. But the reason I was there was to see the sublime Patti Smith at The State Theatre and to catch up with family and see the Andy Warhol exhibit at NSW Art Gallery. What a blast it was, and a nice little break.

I was home in time for a quiet period of reflection, reading and writing, and time with family to celebrate Easter.

Linda and I headed to Lizotte's to see Bob Evans, which was great.

The family also celebrated my sister's birthday at the Maryville pub, excellent meal and service, highly recommend.

And then I was back down to Sydney to see Patti Smith again, this time a spoken word concert at the Sydney Opera House with Athena, and it was glorious.

Continuing with family celebrations, Mum and Dad took me to lunch at the Sunnyside Tavern, where we had a great meal.

Jayne and I had a meal at Foghorn before catching up with Linda and others at The Towers for French Friday. The film shown was Monsieur Chocolat, based on a true story about a black clown at the turn of the century. Funny and melancholy, this was a mostly dramatic film, despite the clowning around.

I started and finsihed the month with out lovely Bibliotweeps Bookclub, reading Jasper Jones and Goodwood.

And some pics.

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