Monday, June 19, 2017


Every year in May, Cathy, Ed and I hit the Civic Theatre for the APIA Tour.

The APIA tour features older Australian artists, and it can be hit and miss, but is totally worth checking out.

This year the concert commenced with the divine Deborah Conway. I have worshipped at her alter since I was a teen grooving out to Do Re Mi. I fell in love with her sublime String of Pearls in my early 20s. She pretty much is the soundtrack of my life and I have seen her perform many times. I love her kick arse, feminist sensibilities and that amazingly large voice.

Her set was tight and amazing, sticking to newish songs, and only adding two hits, Alive and Brilliant and Man Overboard. But it didn't matter to me, as a fan, I knew each song back to front. She looked amazing and was having fun.

I must admit I thought someone as indie as her to do such a commercial tour was odd, but I guess they money was worth it, and thank goodness for that!

Next up was Joe Camilleri with the fabulous Bull Sisters. Billed as the Black Sorrows, it was a mix of many songs, with Joe being the consummate performer but the girls being the stars of the show. 

I've said it many times before, those girls are National Treasures. The joy they exude singing and their voices could be bottled and save all the problems of the world I think!

After a break, Colin Hay took the stage, just him and a guitar. He started off telling some funny stories, I swear he could take that show on the road and make money there too. He's a very funny man. With each APIA show, their is always one performer I am most curious about and keen to hear and for this concert Colin was it.

And he was magnificent, I was beaming the whole time. Hearing him sing Overkill, one of my all time favourite songs was a sheer delight. That distinctive and strong voice was even better than when he was at the height of his fame. His new stuff was great, his old stuff better than it sounded back then. He stole the show.

Mental As Anything rounded out the night with their hits. Although when I say Mental As Anything I mean Greedy Smith with some dudes . It was a little sad and I realised for every great MAA song, there are about 3 bad ones. But it was a spirited performance.

The finale is all performers on stage, performing together with each of them doing a hit, and then coming together with a classic at the end, this time, Friday on my Mind.

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