Monday, June 19, 2017


My love for Tim Rogers knows no bounds.

I have always loved You Am I and especially adored his solo work.

And yet I have only seen Tim perform live once, you can read about that night here as it was something else!!

I have no idea why someone who sees as much live music as I do can say this, but stuff happens.

So Tim came to The Edwards for an intimate show, so we had to go.

Initially he was to be supported by the brilliant Steve Smyth, along with the great food of The Edwards, which made it to be an unmissable evening. Steve, for some unknown reason was no longer support, which was a shame but we survived.

This tour was supporting his latest solo album, An Actor Repairs.

So full from the most amazing slow cooked lamb and sides and wine, we awaited the main man.

He hit the stage with two girls accompanying him, Clio Renner (Rockwiz) on keyboards and Xani Kolac on violin, both adding harmonies to his lovely songs.

It was a great, sharp set with Tim playing up which is his usual schtick. He was funny and self deprecating, accommodating and sweet and sour.

He mostly played his new stuff, which was great, and added in a whole range of other songs from his career, including songs from his seminal album, What Rhymes with Cars and Girls.

This was unexpected as that album was from a rough time in his life and he rarely sang those songs live.

That album, is from a very rough period in my life, and I don't mind saying it saved me. It is one of my all time favourite albums, the melancholy and loss in that album matched exactly my own melancholy and loss and I played it over and over and over again. Those songs sung to me like no others have. It came along at the right time and was my therapy, my friend, my love, my everything during that time.

To hear him sing some of those songs live transported me directly back to those moments and left me in tears. Music has this wonderful way of bookmarking stages of your life, and can take you back in a heart beat.

I know Tim can be a bit (ok a lot) of a bugger and people get a little judgy about him, but honestly because of how that album helped me, he can do no wrong in my mind. I worry about his fragile soul and love his deepness that is as him as his cheekiness.

Seeing him live is always an experience, but this one was particularly special.

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