Monday, October 2, 2017


Well, things started to get hectic in August. Work became increasingly busy with my various projects heating up AND an exhibition space near to the library coming together very quickly. This has taken up a lot of my time, recruiting volunteers, helping with the set up and looking towards the next few exhibits. It's a really exciting time and whilst it is a lot of extra work I am loving every minute of it.

We also had book week, and the girls did a great job working on a show that about 10 classes saw. The week prior was Science Week and my bestie brought her best Science to Storytime and of course was a hit.

On top of this, I still had anemia and headed in for some exploratory surgery to get to the bottom of it. They found nothing sinister which was great but no real reason why which is annoying. 

My choir participated in the One Song Sing at The Edwards again, this time attempting Sia's Chandelier, and it was glorious.

Earlier in the month I saw The Trip To Spain with the hilarious Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan, it is pretty much the same at the other movies they have done, but I do not mind. I love the travel stuff, the food, and their odd friendship. They truly make me laugh.

Mid month as part of L's birthday celebrations we headed to the Sunset Studios to see Keegan Joyce sing. Keegan will be known to most as Arnold from Please Like Me or Fuzz from Rake. He is a blues/roots singer, and was a utter delight, musically and in person.

My friend V has been getting out and about and performing his original material at open mic gigs, so I headed along to support him at the Lass and it was great.

Bookclub this month read the latest Haruki Murakami, this time short stories and they were great.

I also popped briefly into C's art exhibition which was amazing as usual.

Spent a bit of time with the family, my nephew's soccer team got into the semi's and A had her birthday celebrations.

The month ended with a massage, which I really needed!!!

Here are my reviews of music, books and film.

And some pics:

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