Wednesday, November 29, 2017


October commenced with Book Club and all things Jon Ronson. It was lovely to discuss one of my favourite authors over brunch with my lovely fellow book clubbers. And Talulah, always a fab meal, gave us the round table near the nude corner, almost felt like the Algonquin!!

C and I had a lovely day out as we like to do, Art Gallery, Lunch on Darby and an added bonus of an afternoon play at The Civis. I had read Piano Lessons, Anna Goldsworthy years ago and loved the story of her childhood learning piano off a formidable Russian. The play was an adaptation of her memoir, and featured Anna playing herself as a 'child' and playing the piano throughout. What an absolute delight.

The first two weeks of the month were flat chat at work, getting as much pre-done for our Dinosaur exhibition and tidying up my regular work before heading off on 3 weeks holidays.

I hadn't taken leave since April, and it was only 10 days, and work had been relentless with numerous projects on top of my regular AND I had anemia which made me very tired. Because I have a Hawaiian holiday booked for the end of the year I couldn't really afford to go away so I had a staycation. Mostly I needed to rest, but I like pottering at home and heading out into The Hunter and exploring, so I had the most lovely time.

Mid month my choir did another One Song Sing, this time Throw your arms around me, Hunters and Collectors. I don't mind this song, but I don't love it, been overdone to death a zillion times before, I think we could have chosen better, but the group experience is always great.

The first week of my hols was quiestish, with a lot of napping and reading, lunch with J, a special literary luncheon with Caroline Baum and a room full of elderly ladies - yes, I saw my future. That night I had dinner with J and we saw a fabulous spicey play about love called Blue Love at The Civic, oh how we laughed, it was hilarious and blue and everything.

My beloved markets were back at Speers Point park, so I had a big buy up, and was thrilled to have my breakfast Gozleme for the  first time in many many months.

The second week were a few lunches out, dinner for my nephew's 14th birthday, and I met Jimmy Barnes!!!

I took a landscape drawing class at the Art Gallery, and found out I'm not much of an artist, but I enjoyed it and found it relaxing, and that is all that matters!

I had plenty of time to watch and read as you can see here.

And more time to take pics.

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