Tuesday, December 5, 2017


What I've Been Watching

izombie S2 - always fun, reminds me of Buffy lite.

Jessica Jones - cannot begin to say how much I loved this. Kick arse feminist at the heart of this sort of super hero show and the scariest baddie you ever did see. Great storylines and acting, got a little violent towards the end but totally worth it, so hanging out for S2.

Billions S1 - this was a great ride too, powerful attorney, Paul Giamatti is trying to bring down Hedge fund owner, Damian Lewis. Great 9/11 back story, and Maggie Siff as Gaimatti's wife who is Lewis's psychiatrist is an interesting twist.

Brooklyn 99 S3 - this show is pure silly and fun, and that is fabulous. Fantastic ensemble cast, loads of laughs, what more do you want!?

This Is Us S1 - possibly my new favourite show! This is a great layered show about a family, a very real family. The main storyline features triplets, and their lives with flashbacks to their childhood and their parents. Everyone in this show is remarkable, but the Dad, played by Milo Ventimiglia is outstanding. You'll laugh and cry, but trust me, you will be in awe!

Transparent S3-4 - this show just gets better and better. The entire cast is brilliant, flawed, crazy, strange, loveable. The 4th season takes them to heir homeland of Israel, which ups the storylines somewhat. I guess with recent news this is the end of this groundbreaking series, and that is such a shame, I love this family so much, I want more.

Personal Shopper - quirky thriller with a light touch of horror, Kristen Stewart is a twin, her brother just died from a rare heart disease that she also has. He was a medium, so she is hanging around where he lived waiting for a sign from him. Meanwhile she continues with her job as a shopper for a rich celebrity, but strange things are going on there too. I am not a fan of the twihard 'actress' but she is actually really compelling in this.

Split - M Night Shyamalan made two extraordinary films for his first two films, and then nothing really lived up, some were bad, some actually pretty good. This falls in between. James McAvoy has multiple personalities, and is being treated by an aging psychologist. but a new threatening personality is trying to bust through, can she save him before that happens. And what is up with where he lives?

Beauty and The Beast - I am not a fan of Disney drivel, nor do I care for animation, so never really got into the original, but this looked lovely on paper. I guess fans would love it, but it did nothing for me. Hermione was quite good, the songs ok, but ultimately this is just not for me.

What I've Been Reading
No place to lay one’s head – Francoise Frenkel - remarkable story about a woman who made it through the holocaust, written by her and found some years after she died. Harrowing in parts, but truly an uplifting tale.

Grant and I - Robert Forster - a love letter to his lovely friend, band mate and co-writer. Forster is a great writer, and it is more about McLennon, than The Go-Betweens. It is a good read, but I wanted more.

The Flaneur – Edmund White - wonderful travel/history book of Paris. A Flaneur is someone who meanders or strolls the streets with no real purpose but to take in the world around them, learn a little history, watch the world go by and White very eloquently does this here.

Take Six Girls: the life of the Mitford Sisters by Laura Thompson  - this was a talking book on the history of the 6 rather fabulous Mitford Sisters.

Fortunate son - John Fogarty - Fogarty reads his own memoir on talking book. Fascinating insight into the man and his musical ability, also his demons and family life.

What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt - remarkable story of two male friends in the the art world in New York and the parallels their families take. Living with their wives and sons the same age above each other in an apartment block, each man's life takes a strange and different twist, leaving them very much the same but also incredibly different. It explores the lengths you go to when you love someone. I loved this story very much, but one particular character was so frustrating it left me a little bothered.

One Enchanted Evening: a wardrobe full of memories by Charlotte Smith  - another beautifully illustrated book with new additions to the stunning Darnell Collection of clothes

What I've Been  Listening To

Alison Krauss - lovely new album, Krauss is always a delight to listen to.

Alison Moyet - unsure how long since Moyet put out an album, but this was really good, her voice still stunning, and a mix of pop and rock.

Kasey Chambers - also great, she can bit a little aussie/nasally but still always a good listen.

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