Sunday, December 10, 2017


Ahhh, November you were good to me! I started the month still on holidays and with a lovely meander, flaneur style, to Carrington. I have discovered the word flaneur or flaneuse recently and love it. It means to meander or wander with no real destination in a town or city, just exploring, seeing where things lead you, maybe learning a bit of it's history and occasionally stopping to sit in a cafe or park to watch the world go by. It would appear I have been a flaneur for most of my life, lol, as this is exactly what I love to do when I am in cities, at home or abroad. 

And so I flaneured Carrington, a suburb that has gone through a lot of changes and still has some industrial sections to it. But what a glorious mix of old style homes and cottages, wide streets, relatively quiet and a range of lovely cafes and shops to look at. All unique and not too many, I highly recommend a stroll and lunch there, I was even tempted to move there.

The following day I headed to Morpeth prior to dinner at the Hinton Pub for my brother-in-law's birthday, I wandered and took pics, lovely at that time in the late afternoon, loads of Jacaranda's and gorgeous old homes, I could live in Morpeth easily. Then I headed to Hinton which is equally as picturesque.

And the day after I headed up towards Nelson Bay for more beautiful staycation scenery. I met my friend T and we had lunch at Little Beach Boathouse, right on the water, stunning day, great food, and fun chatter.

On my last day I decided I wanted breakfast on the beach, and that was a little challenging with all the work going on, but I got there and fluked a park and sat at Nobbys watching the world go by, and having one of their fabulous bacon and eggs rolls.

Then I was back at work and the month flew by, so much going on with setting up the Dinosaur exhibit, unlike anything I have ever done before it was huge! For those that don't know we have opened an exhibition space in the vacant area next to my library and I am helping to manage the space, recruiting volunteers, and organising all the events, plus general overseeing of projects. This time we curated the entire exhibition, which was so much fun, but more work than I can ever remember doing. It opened to great fanfare, social media buzz, and lots of people through the doors.

During the same time, I started working on another large project, working on the commissioning of a new library management system (lms or computers for the library), which was something very new and I will continue to work on and off on this until we roll it out in April/May. This will include helping to train all the library staff in it's use. I also resumed work with my colleagues on our interior design of the libraries...oh yeah, and you know, regular work!

No wonder I am tired, speaking of which, I have finished my myriad of tests for why I have aneamia and nothing! So, it's just me, it would appear I am special, lol, well, we bloody well knew that already. SO back on iron tablets and waiting for them to kick in and tiredness to take effect, will be little while yet.

I have managed some lovely social occasion despite being busy and tired. J and I caught up at Morpeth, for a lovely wander round the shops, walk, and lunch at the Morpeth pub.

And C and I celebrated her birthday with brunch at Maitland Art Gallery, a wander of the exhibit, Morpeth and the Harry Potter shop after, and Beaumont Street for birthday cake, as always a long, chatty, and laughter filled day.

A finished her degree, so we had a family celebration for her at the Fire Station Hotel, great meal and well done to be the second person in our family with a University degree!!

As usual, the latest reviews, and some pics:

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