Saturday, March 3, 2018


What I’ve Been Reading Every Lie I’ve Ever Told by Rosie Waterland - I had my doubts about Rosie (comes from the dreadful Bumma Mia) until I read her first memoir and I pushed my doubts behind me. This book came out very quickly after and it shows. It still has that self deprecating humour over awful scenarios. I believe this is meant to be a homage to her bestie who died, but it seemed to scrape over that. I didn't mind that it was nowhere near as good as the first book, it was a basic ok read that amused me in parts.

High Voltage: the life of Angus Young by Jeff Apter - Apter, as always delves right into the life of his subject. Angus is a fascinating subject in that his persona on stage is not as he is in life. This was a good, solid read.

Relativity by Antonia Hayes - fiction debut from an Australian writer. Much was written about this book when it first came out about a year or so ago. I finally got around to reading it and it was well written, but ultimately left me a bit cold. It is an interesting premise, a single mum with a young child who has health issues due to a traumatic accident as a baby. The accident has driven everything in the mother's life including her relationship with the boy's father. It has a lot of science and clever within which is what attracted me to the story, but it kinda became a mumma story, which is not really my thing.

Elephant Dance – Tammie Matson - came across this on talking book and was a great read about a young girl who falls in love with Africa and animals and ends up working there in conservation. Had me sucked in from the get go, a great read.

City of Falling Angels – John Berendt - I meant to re-read this when I got home from Venice, but never got around to it. I loved this book on its original read but had forgotten the details of it. I found a copy of the talking book with Berendt himself reading it. His reading voice is lovely, similar to Bill Bryson. So to listen to him read it was just a wonderful experience. I listen to talking books in my car and I just wanted to drive forever and listen to the whole thing in one go. I didn't but gee it was great. A fascinating read about modern Venice (with a lot of history thrown in, cause Venice is not really a modern city) and a fire in an opera house that nearly brings the city to its knees. Berendt moves to the city to find out more about the fire and the city itself. A great story about a great city. What I’ve Been Watching The Missing S1/2 - Finally caught up with this great French/UK drama. The first series concentrates on the disappearance of a English young boy in rural France. Edge of your seat stuff but ultimately a very disappointing ending. The second series was much more edgier, concentrating on the appearance of a young girl who had disappeared years earlier, but is she who she says she is! The series link by the same detectives working on the cases.

No Activity S1/2 - fun Australian series about two detectives on a stake out where nothing much happens...seemingly. Very funny.

Chance S1 - new Hugh Laurie series, he plays a neuro-psychiatrist who gets caught up with a woman with an upsetting back story. Was quite good, but not excellent.

Peaky Blinders S4 - the boys are back and divided after the effects of last season, what will happen, will they rejoin or push each other under. Always fabulous and gritty and amusing, no different this season.

Brooklyn 99 S4 - funny as always, just a simple show, but it makes me laugh. Like all the great comedic shows, it has a solid ensemble cast.

X-Files reboot S2 - I was really excited about the original reboot, but was ultimately let down. This second series, so far, has been better, but I still want more, and am just unsure it will happen! Having said that seeing Mulder and Scully on my television again is just wonderful.

Will and Grace reboot S1 - They got this just right, always ahead of their time, it was like they were meant to be here right now. It is like nothing has changed, but everything has and it still works! Always funny, often poignant, just perfect!

Insecure -  My favourite new girlie show, and it keeps arse. Issa Rae plays a version of herself and it is hilarious and dramatic and everything. She is absolutely amazing, I love her. Her honesty about men, love, sex, being a woman just sings to me. The first series is about the breakdown of her relationship, which is fascinating, but S2 comes into its own with her exploring her newfound single gal status, but keeping her ex on the outer, just in case. If you loved Sex and the City or Girls, this is for you, it is different and far more edgier, but totally entertaining!

Fake or Fortune - I love this show, people find that they think is a Monet or a Renoir in their attic and the experts take it to see if that is the case. It is very dramatic and sometimes all signs point to fortune but the experts refuse to say so. I love my art and I love the idea of pieces of fortune out there and no one knows. This show is great, and always has me on the edge of my seat.

Saturday Night Countdown - January Rage always plays old Countdown, oh my giddy heart! What fun, I usually spend my Sunday afternoon fastforwarding the boring stuff to bring the gold to my friends via facebook. I probably annoy a lot of people, but I know a lot love it! What's not to love about a trip down memory lane with my favourite childhood music show.

Newspaperman - great doco about Ben Bradlee, editor of Washington Post and hero of our times. Nothing much a fan wouldn't already know, but still great to watch.

Baby Driver - loads of fun, great soundtrack, fun cast, heist, movie, first half is perfect, second half drops a bit and turns into a bit of a mess, but still one of the best new movies I have seen in a while!

20th Century Women - I wanted to love this film, and I sure didn't hate it, but I just didn't love it. Maybe it was me, but I thought it was too serious and caught up in itself. Others have disagreed with me, maybe I need to see it again?
  What I’ve Been Listening ToKiller – Dan Sultan -  ok album, but I didn't love it as I have all Dan's previous albums.

Wonderful Wonderful – The Killers – wonderful mix of pop and rock, this is a great album from a great band.

Snow – Julia and Angus Stone – as you would expect, I'm not a huge fan, and their harmonies and songs are sweet, but something always leaves me cold, this time no exception. 

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