Saturday, March 3, 2018


So 2018 commenced with me in Hawaii, on the beach, watching fireworks with my family. Doesn't get much better than that!

I have high hopes for this year, and a good feeling in my gut!

You can read about my Hawaiian adventures here.

My thoughts about the year past and the year forward.

I had a few days at home after my trip to keep chilled before heading back to work and it was continued bliss.

January is always fun, as all the Oscar movies come out, so as usual I was out and about seeing as many of the nominated films as I could. More about that next month!

Work got back to a flying start and my holiday zen pretty much disappeared and I spent a lot of my free time this month trying to regain all the chill!

I returned to my beloved Choir and was pleased to have that back in my life, it really centres me.

I did my usual market thing.

And my bestie and I had a day of art, shopping, and lunch in Newcastle!

January is a funny month, you still feel like you are on holidays, even if you haven't been on holidays. A lot of people ARE on holidays, hence that feel. It is hot, I hate heat, so I spend a lot of time inside in the air con!

I read and watched and listened to the usual.

And took a few pics.

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