Sunday, July 1, 2018


April commenced with my last week of sick leave before returning to work after my Breast Cancer operation. If you want to find out more about that, you can read about it here.

And of course Easter, which was fairly quiet, but a lovely time spent with family.

The Newcastle Writers Festival never fails to disappoint and this year was no different, have a read here about my adventures in literature.

I commenced my first day back at work with a visit to The Mater to chat with an oncologist about my radiation therapy. Heading back to work was very pleasant with my lovely team leaving everything beautifully for me.

I long lunched at Awaba House with Belinda, had a great family BBQ for Karen's birthday, tried out the new Burger joint at Swansea Pub with Cathy and Ed, lunched with Jayne at The Exchange after a little spend at the record fair.

Also had an early Mothers Day extravaganza for Mum, loads of soccer with my nephew and niece, and the usual markets.

I went back to work on reduced hours after my Breast Cancer surgery, and things were busy busy busy, with a new computer system looming, much training, Library and Information Week, Social Media for Seniors sessions, National Simultaneous Storytime sessions, and Biggest Morning Tea. I was also trying to finish projects and keep things up to date and planning forward to when I would need more time off.

I commenced radiation therapy on the second week of May and left work a little early every day for the first three weeks, for the most part those three weeks were ok, a few minor dramas, and fatigue setting in. However, at the end of week three I started to be really tired and finished up work. Thank goodness, for plenty of sick leave and a very kind and considerate work place.

I did have a lovely lunch in Newcastle the day I commenced radiation, cause you just have to!

Other highlights of April and May were Pint of Science - my last visit to the now gone The Edwards, what a tragedy! I finally saw Kate Miller-Heidke, and JPY at Toronto Hotel.

And my highlight was a lovely weekend in Sydney with my bestie, Cathy. We walked in the sun, soaked up Circular Quay and surrounds, ate very well, visited the MCA, did a little shopping, and saw Belle and Sebastian at the Opera House. 

If there is one thing I have learnt over the past 4 or so months, it is Life is for Living!
(Actually I have learnt much more, but that might be another post for another day!)
Of course, here are my reviews for that period.

And the usual pics...

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