Monday, July 30, 2018


June was fairly quiet, still recovering from radiation treatment which finished up the week after the Queen's Birthday weekend. Things were fairly laid back and I did spend the middle part of the month in a huge amount of pain. But by the end of the month, I was starting to heal properly.

In the midst of the pain, I did head out to Lizottes with Vince to see Martini Lounge. I had gotten the tickets earlier and not thought about how I would be feeling, but I dressed up and tried to put the pain behind me and had a good night. The show itself was great, but not exactly what we had in mind. It was a mix of jazz and blues with some Burlesque thrown in. We wanted more lounge music, of which there was none, and I thought - while tastefully done - there was a little bit too much Burlesque. 

Mum and Dad took me to lunch at The Gunyah at Belmont for an amazing Seafood lunch, highly recommend.

Friends came to visit, I attended our bookclub, and we celebrated Mum's Birthday.

On a good day, I headed into the beach for lunch and some sunshine.

I also headed to the cinema to see Jurassic Park and Oceans 8. I saw Jurassic Park solo, and just loved it. OTT, big Dinosaurs, a little Jeff Goldblum, what more do you want! I saw Oceans 8 with Belinda, and we had a blast. This was sheer fun, The Met, jewells, amazing costumes, and a great cast!

There was the usual soccer and markets when I felt up to it!

I read and watched a lot!

And took a few pics.

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