Friday, September 7, 2018


August was insane, which was not really what I needed while I was still not quite myself, but I have realised that this year is some kind of perverse ride that I have absolutely no control of, which for a control freak is well, rather frightening, I guess that is the reason!?

At the beginning of the month I was 2 weeks back at work, still tired and my heart not quite 100% in it, so I decided to go back to choir. Get a little soul and life back into me. It was great but entirely exhausting, I think I went back too soon. As a Soprano singer, you put you everything into song, and it is a physical thing, which I love, but if you are not on top it is shattering, well for me anyway. So i had to put that on hold again.

Work also got very crazy, with huge change in me being seconded to a Research Project position for a year. It was what I need, something to chew on, something different, less responsibility and stress but same money, a bit more flexibility and closer to home, which will help my recovery. It is also in the middle of a huge restructure and it looks highly likely my position at Swansea will not be there for me to return to. This is very stressful, but I have to have faith in those above me and the new structure and hopefully there will be something appropriate for me to slot into.

So the skills and things I got out of being sick earlier this year continue to assist me to get through life day to day, week to week. Be in the moment, be present, give my all, don't overthink, have faith things will work out. Weirdly, getting through cancer feels easier than this, I guess I just need to try harder!

And so on the 17 August I had my last day at Swansea, it was bittersweet. I was excited for my new challenge and sad to leave my friends, colleagues, community after 12 years of extremely hard and rewarding work. There are no words to do it justice.

In that last week I assisted with a new exhibition opening, Dead and Buried, an exhibit on the history of interment and burials at Lake Macquarie. I was a guest at Blacksmiths school, one of my favourites, talking about the library and reading to the kids and chatting to the community. And I packed up 12 years of work and memories.

I finished at lunch, and went for a walk at Greenpoint and sat under my favourite tree and had a little cry. I am sentimental and silly like that.

After a Saturday morning at Maitland Region Art Gallery, I met Jenny at Morpeth pub for lunch and then watched Lachlan play soccer.

The following week I had 4 days in my new job, a huge learning curve, but exciting and much to do. 

I also got to see Bob Dylan again, you can read about it here. Prior I had a lovely dinner at Limoo, a Persian Cafe in Hamilton with Alastair and Alexandra. Highly recommend a meal there.

And then I had two weeks holidays, the first week I spent in Melbourne seeing my sister and catching up with friends and the usual exhibits. 

I ended the month, spending the afternoon with my other sister and niece, and quietly unpacked from a lovely week away.

As always, here are my reviews, and some pics:

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